Minding Your Mind Podcast

Minding Your Mind Podcast

Hosted by Minding Your Mind speakers Jordan Burnham and Evan Transue, the Minding Your Mind Podcast features interviews with people from all walks of life.

Through these intimate conversations, Jordan and Evan bring us real stories of experience and hope that include a message for everyone listening. 

Minding Your Mind Podcast Ep 9: This is my Brave

Jennifer Marshall talks about managing her mental health, sharing her path to recovery and what led her to become the co-founder and executive director of This Is My Brave- a platform to bring stories of mental illness and addiction into the spotlight.

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Minding Your Mind Podcast Ep. 8: Lifting the Weight of Depression

TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast mentions a suicide attempt.

USS strongman heavyweight national champion, Joey Szatmary, wants people to know that there is no stereotypical picture when it comes to someone who deals with mental health challenges. Depression, anger issues, and suicidal ideations were not things that most of the people in Joeys life knew that he dealt with. Through working with counselors, finding a passion in weightlifting, and developing simple strategies that he can count on, Joey completely turned his situation around.

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Minding Your Mind Podcast Ep. 7: Trauma, Activism & Healing In The Black Community, With Dr. Carol Labor

Jordan Burnham interviews Dr. Carol Labor on intergenerational trauma in the Black community and the importance of activism moving forward. Utilizing her lived experience of depression and trauma, Dr. Carol Labor specializes in psychoeducation on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS) and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in vulnerable communities. She shares her insight and her journey on finding her voice through lived experiences and advocating for others.

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Minding Your Mind Podcast Ep. 5: Trauma, Treatment & Triumph

TW/CW: Aaron and Evan discuss childhood abuse, sexual abuse, and trauma. If any of these topics are upsetting for you, please take care while listening, take a pause, and come back when you feel ready.

In this interview Aaron discusses trauma during his childhood and his unhealthy way of coping with it in the form of substance misuse. Aaron shares his story today to spread hope and encourage others to reach out for help when needed. Aaron is currently thriving in his recovery because of the treatment he received.

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Support For #LivetoTell

Meet the visionaries whose generosity made #LivetoTell come to life, including Founding Sponsor Todd Snider.