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Mindsets: Your Well-Being at Work

Imagine the profound impact your company can realize by coaching your employees about mental health issues and how to create an environment of advocacy and understanding.

QPR Gatekeeper Training

QPR Gatekeeper Training allows those who are on the front-lines of student interaction to be able to intervene and possibly change the course for a person in crisis.


Mindfulness shifts how we relate with our experience, encouraging us to bring a curious, nonjudgmental attitude to each moment and each situation.

Let's Talk About the "A" Word (Anxiety)

Anxiety is more than stress and can look different depending on a age and stage of life. Luckily, anxiety is a treatable disorder and implementing new strategies can have a dramatically positive impact. 

Social Emotional Learning

Learn about how to support the development of these skills in the workplace to decrease stress and anxiety, improve behavior and attention, and support compassionate and respectful relationships.

Our Approach

In an average week in the U.S., five million people miss work due to stress and an estimated four million workdays are lost due to depression. Imagine the profound impact your company can realize by coaching your employees about mental well-being and building a work-life balance. Minding Your Mind runs workshops that actively educate adults about basic mental health issues and the impact they can have on daily life, in the work atmosphere, on the home front, and in interactions with others around them.

The virtual presentation was well done and touched upon issues that are staff are dealing with during this pandemic and gave them useful tools to help them get through it.”

— National Philanthropic Trust

Let's take action together. Help us grow our impact and continue changing lives.

Like all the young people who’ve found support through Minding Your Mind, we too can’t do this without help. With a tax-deductible gift, you can help us share the message of mental wellness with more students and communities.

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