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Just Talk About It

This is an introductory mental health education program hosted by a clinician that features a young adult speaker. Just Talk About It will educate participants to look beyond stigma and notice warning signs of stress, anxiety, depression, and crisis. 

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QPR Gatekeeper Training

QPR Gatekeeper Training allows those who are on the front-lines of student interaction to be able to intervene and possibly change the course for a person in crisis.

Minding Trauma

Based on core trauma recovery principles, Minding Trauma offers a conceptual framework for a survivor-centered trauma-informed approach in education settings.

Social Emotional Learning

Learn about how to support the development of these skills in youth to decrease stress and anxiety, improve behavior and attention, and support compassionate and respectful relationships.

Mindfully Navigating Family Conflict

About 50% of all marriages today end in divorce. When parents separate it is one of the most significant events in the life of a child and other family members. This presentation is designed to equip the participants with ways to help the family and the children while remaining outside of the conflict.


Mindfulness shifts how we relate with our experience, encouraging us to bring a curious, nonjudgmental attitude to each moment and each situation.

Supporting the Well-Being of LGBTQIA+ Youth

Across the country, LGBTQIA+ students consistently experience higher rates of mental health challenges and rates of suicide than their peers, but this can be interrupted with the help of supportive adults and improved school climates.

Positive Education for Mental Health &

Now more than ever schools acknowledge their roles span beyond delivering academic programs. Equipping staff with research-based approaches for supporting mental health and well-being is becoming essential.  In this one-hour workshop, participants gain an overview of the comprehensive science of Positive Education.

Our Approach

Those who interact directly with students are on the frontlines when it comes to observing youth mental health. Success depends on working with students to develop and strengthen their social-emotional skills so they’re able to form compassionate, respectful relationships and build trust. We equip educators with direct, actionable training so they have an opportunity to cultivate mental wellness in their classrooms and school communities, and are prepared if the time comes to change the course for someone in crisis.

“The presentation was important for many of the professionals and paraprofessionals to hear. I can count on one hand the number of presentations that have held the attention of an auditorium full of school employees. This was one such presentation. It created thought provoking informal conversations later in the day. That is the sign of an effective speaker.”

— JaneAnn Fucci, Blackhawk School District

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