From Harvard’s Men’s Health Watch: “In every era of human history and in every society around the globe, music has allowed people to express their feelings and communicate with others. More than simply expressing emotions, music can alter them; as British dramatist William Congreve put it in 1697, “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.””

Inspired by this idea, Minding Your Mind created Minding Your Music. Our Young Adult Speakers and members of the Minding Your Mind team have created Spotify playlists you can access to help inspire you. “Minding My Focus” is great to play as you do work; “Minding My Hype” is full of feel-good songs to get those endorphins pumping; “Minding My Calm” can be used when you feel the stress growing and want to calm yourself. Our hope in sharing these with you is to give you a new tool in your mental wellness toolbox.