Our Programs

With education as our tool, it is our mission to end stigma and destructive behaviors associated with mental health challenges while promoting help-seeking behavior among youth. We create an opening to initiate safe communication, and we work to normalize the conversation around mental health, shifting the focus to prevention rather than crisis-based responses.

In an effort to expand the reach of mental health education to even more communities, some of our programs are available to be presented in Spanish and Portuguese.

Student Programs

Our programs build a safe atmosphere where students feel open to sharing. Students witness relatable people discussing their own decisions to get help and how others helped them along the way. For young people who are struggling, or know someone who is, our programming builds bridges that work to reduce stress and alienation. They’re not alone. They have a real person sharing a real story that aligns with their innermost concerns.

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Teacher Programs

The role educators play in young lives is vital, and it is growing increasingly complex. With childhood and teenage stress, anxiety, and depression rates at record high levels, faculty members should be prepared to intervene and provide critical support. Having an in-depth understanding of the signs and symptoms of mental health issues can prepare school faculty and staff for helping to prevent destructive behaviors in children and young adults—before a crisis happens.

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Parent & Caregiver Programs

We help parents and caregivers dive deeper so that they can build a holistic understanding of what youth are really thinking, what they fear, and why they avoid sharing. We provide language and understanding to communicate and promote mental wellness through many stages of youth development. Most importantly, we give parents and caregivers tools to uncover potentially harmful actions and emotions before a crisis arises.

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Community Programs

Fostering greater awareness and comprehension of mental health challenges in a community can provide youth with stronger social connections, better well-being, and greater economic productivity as a result.

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Workplace Programs

Mental health challenges affect every single aspect of an individual’s life, and the workplace is no exception. Building a culture of understanding, awareness, and advocacy into a professional environment can improve productivity, increase retention, and spread positivity to employees.

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