What is #LivetoTell?

#LivetoTell is a storytelling campaign that shares personal stories of resilience, rebound, and recovery. By telling these stories, #LivetoTell aims to shift the narrative society holds on mental health. By sharing personal episodes of resilience, rebound, and recovery, we can bring greater depth in understanding and validate a variety of lived experiences. #LivetoTell hopes to empower others to share their stories as well.

Through video, music, writing, artwork, poetry, dance, conversations, and many other expressions, everyday people #LivetoTell their stories.

Andrew discovers the Suicide Prevention Lifeline works. For real.

Kelly found her childhood journal and penned a poem to her younger self.

Julia wants her art to evoke emotion and make you feel something, healing trauma you did not know you have.

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Discover the ways and reasons people #LivetoTell their own stories of resilience, rebound, and recovery.

Support For #LivetoTell

Meet the visionaries whose generosity made #LivetoTell come to life, including Founding Sponsor Todd Snider.