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Liv Juliana fund
Alivia Rae (Liv) Juliana, April 22,2000 – May 15, 2019

Liv Juliana, a graduate of Great Valley High School and Division I golfer, completed her first year of college at Saint Francis University majoring in Occupational Therapy with a life mission to help others. She was very familiar with the medical professions as she was fighting many invisible and chronic illnesses (migraines, Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome/AMPS, Autoimmune GI dysmotility/AGID, dysautonomia, depression). These made life, even the simplest activities, a challenge. Her days were filled with therapy and doctor appointments, searching for help and answers; but you would never suspect all that when first meeting Liv. 

On the outside, Liv was athletic, confident, strong, personable, friendly, driven. She had big blue eyes, a vibrant smile, a kind young spirit, and a big heart. When you first met Liv she would shake your hand firmly and say “Hi, my name is Liv,” and an instant friendship was born. She had so many great qualities: a trusted confidant for friends and family; a listener of your problems even when she was suffering herself; the inspirer of laughter no matter the time or the circumstance; a determined spirit who pushed herself and everyone around her to be the best that they could be; and the relatable soul for the many kids that had illnesses, too. Liv stated in a paper that the human race strives for a connection with others. She was and will continue to be that connection for many. 

Inside, Liv’s body was fighting a battle of dysfunction and chronic pain, getting nutrition from a backpack full of liquids that pumped 24 hours a day through a G-J tube into her intestine keeping her alive.   

On May 15, 2019, the pain was too much for Liv and she took her own life.  We know that day was hard for Liv, she was making a decision that would change our journey and relationship with her forever.

Liv’s last words to all of us were, “Be Gentle with Yourself, Please help other kids with mental illness so no one else will have to lose this battle.”

Liv, You saw everyday as a new opportunity to be kind and change a life.  We are here to say that we have learned from what you have taught us and your lessons will not go to waste.  We know you were tired and your body was not cooperating with what you wanted to accomplish so we will take it from here.  We have selected Minding your Mind to be a partner in our journey to help others under our fundraising activities Liv2bekind. 

Juliana family: Angelo, Liv, Marie, Devon, Ralph
Golf became a big part of Liv’s life. She felt her best on the golf course. Being outside took her mind off all her health issues as she turned her focus to her golf game.


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The Juliana Family has an Etsy Shop with designs dedicated to what Liv taught the world.  These t-shirts and other items serve as a reminder to take care of yourself and to live to be kind, life is hard enough on all of us. All net profits are donated to Minding your Mind. 


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