Merion Mercy Academy
“As always, MYM presented professional, powerful, and intriguing information. Sheila and Andrew provided MMA parents with both knowledge of warning signs and hope for awareness and recovery. Thank you!“
Adrianna Savarese
School Counselor

Community Rehab Care
“Jordan was outstanding! The immediate standing ovation says it all! He was able to openly speak on a topic that many see as taboo. We often forget that depression and suicide can impact anyone at any time and any place. Jordan opened discussed his challenges and the support he counties to receive today.“
Janet McBride-Roy
Case Management Supervisor

Penn State Lehigh Valley
“Kristen was incredible! I think her story related to so many of our students. They were actually silent during her whole talk! She did an incredible job, and I hope she continues to share her story. I really think it hit home and resonated with a lot of our students. I laughed, I cried and I learned. “
Marissa Ketcham

Malvern Preparatory School
“Andrew was fantastic and had the attention of every student. He has spoken several times to the Malvern Prep Community in the past few weeks and I look forward to when he comes back. His story reached many of our young men and I believe he lessened the stigma of getting help if faced with a mental health problem.“
Ann Wuetig Coia
School Counselor

Dunellen High School
“Provided a presentation that was beyond my highest expectations. I will be inviting Jon back for a parent night. Excellent!“
Lisa Leibowitz
Student Assistance Counselor

Renaissance Academy
“Students and staff enjoyed the presentation. I would suggest the presentation to any school or business that would like to increase awareness on mental health while also trying to reduce the stigma often associated with mental illness. The parent presentation was also very valuable. “
Lisa Fleck

R.W. Kershaw Middle School
“Kristen was incredible. Her talk definitely hit home with a lot of students. I did a training the next day with a group of 35 teachers and raved about how wonderful MYM is.“
Megan Coburn
7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher

McCloskey Middle School
“Jon is a wonderful human being! We thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and also his willingness to share some personal moments which had us thinking of our own struggles with family members. He is just a pleasure to work with. I’m very grateful I visited the Minding Your Mind table at a wellness conference in Westboro in the fall. That prompted me to choose their workshop that morning. The presenters were wonderful.“
Caroline Zani
Health Educator

Jenkintown High School
“As always, Minding Your Mind speakers assist to educate students on the importance of developing positive coping skills to help deal with mental health challenges. Students are captivated by the personal life stories the speakers are willing to share.“
Renate Costner

Camden Big Picture Academy
“Jordan was awesome! I really appreciated the fact that he stayed after his presentation to talk to some students who are going through things. The students were very attentive and enjoyed hearing his story. Thank you so much for sending Jordan to speak with my students, he was awesome and very informative. A few of our students struggle with suicide and mental heath issues, and it was amazing to see those students willing to talk to Jordan one on one.“
Ayanna Dickerson
Health/ Social Services Coordinator; Crisis Coordinator

Keystone College
“We loved having Kristen at Keystone. Her presentation really resonated with our students. The Minding Your Mind Speaker program is great and we would love to have more presentations from this organization in the future.“
Kendra Robinson and Paul Luongo
College Counselors

Auburn High School
“Drew was excellent! As the saying goes, ‘Know Your Audience.’ Drew presented to an audience of over 400 grade 8th & 9th students. During the entire 45 minute presentation you could not hear a sound as all eyes and ears were on Drew.  As a practice, the Leadership Team debrief after a presentation; the superintendent, assistant superintendent, director of pupil services and both the middle school and high school were all in agreement, excellent presentation.“
Joe Gagnon
Principal, Auburn Middle School 

The Pingry School
“Andrew’s story was honest, full of integrity, and revealing. It was a generous gift to students, faculty, and parents.“
Delvin Dinkins
Assistant Headmaster

Strath Haven High School
“Students gave self reflections and really felt a connection in regards to signs of anxiety. One kid mentioned how relatable it was and easy to comprehend when someone faced it head-on. Others complimented his struggle, how he fought it head-on, and appears to be winning! Thank you.“
Carly Reid
Health Education

Buena Regional High School
“Multiple students and staff told me how impactful they thought Jon was. Your organization is awesome!“
Cathleen Morris
AtlantiCare Director Buena SPYSP’s

Salemwood School
“Drew was fantastic. His story was truly heartfelt and was very relatable for students and staff alike. In the days after the presentation, I still hear students talking about it and I have had so many more students come to me wanting to discuss their mental health. “
James Bouhuys
Guidance Counselor

Academy of Notre Dame de Namur
“Thank you so much. Carl and Sheila did an extraordinary job presenting pertinent information, were very relatable, and shared accurate data from the present generation’s needs. They were a pleasure to host!“
Jennifer Butler
Director of Counseling

Gwynedd Mercy Academy Elementary
“Drew presented important information in a clear and age-appropriate fashion. The strategies were clear and memorable. Thank you so much for providing this valuable message to young people!“
Kristin Fromal
School Counselor

Dwight School
“Andrew and Deanna were excellent speakers and I was very happy that we partnered with Minding your Mind on this event.“
Justin Cambria
Director of Clinical Outreach

Lower Merion High School
“Students found this presentation to be very interesting and honest. They appreciated the way she delivered her story and information. I had some students who connected so much to her that they then wanted to sit through the other speakers to hear more information on mental health!“
Shari Roeder
Health Teacher

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School
“Katya was vital in bringing Minding Your Mind to RFH and I am very much appreciative of her efforts. Her presentation was timely and effective. We had over 150 students attend and I know that they were engaged throughout the presentation. “
Jason Lippart
School Counselor

The Advocacy Alliance
“Andrew was a professional, engaging, and wonderful speaker. The story of his journey touched all of the audience members in a meaningful way. Because of the great work that Andrew did, we have already scheduled two Minding Your Mind events for the next fiscal year! I have recommended Minding Your Mind to several other agencies. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.“
Jen Duggan
Director of Advocacy and Community Services

McCall School
“My students were so impressed by Drew’s story that they organized a dress down day to raise money for Minding Your Mind. Look for a check in the mail this week!! “
Leslie A. Greenberg

Woodrow Wilson Middle School
“The speaker is excellent at connecting with the students in a meaningful way. Middle school students, who are usually prone to distraction, listened to his every word and then asked thoughtful questions. These things can be transformative.“
Tyra Washington
Program Manager

Easton Area Middle School
“I was told by faculty and students alike it was one of the best assemblies ever put on by the school and they would love to see more like this one. Speaker was excellent, kept the students engaged and knew how to ‘reel’ them back in when they started to chatter.“
Gina Ambrusico
Site Coordinator

Lumberton Middle School
“Drew did a wonderful job connecting with the students and relaying his story. Many students said how he made an impact on them. In fact, after he presented to the 7th and 8th graders, I saw three girls walking in the hallway; one said, “Did you hear nothing that he said today?” I knew the girls were students walking their friend to the counseling office. THAT is an impact!“
Betsy Link
Grade 8 Teacher

La Salle University
Minding Your Mind speakers provide compelling sharing of their life experiences. Teaching a class on the graduate level about psychological conditions, I count on Minding Your Mind speakers to share what it is like to live with the conditions we discuss, taking the symptoms beyond the page of the textbook and making it feel real, with empathy, understanding of impact on one’s life, and the power of recovery. Thank you for this awesome experience!
Travis Cos
Adjunct Instructor

Roman Catholic High School
“Jon did an awesome presentation. He presented his story in a professional way and gave appropriate information to our students. I liked how he defined and explained mental health terms. He was educating the students about mental health while telling his story. He shared both positive and negative coping strategies. After Jon left I had several students and faculty approach me about his presentation. All the feedback I got was positive. We look forward to bringing in speakers next year. Thank you so much!! “
Ashley Francello
School Counselor

AIM Academy
“I have never seen our students so invested in a speaker as much as they were with Melissa. I also received nothing but positive comments from students, parents, and staff members who were present for talk. In short, she was perfect.“
Christy Barbone

Little Flower High School
“The presentation given by Mr. Onimus was excellent. As he shared his experiences with our students he was clear, concise and engaged. Feedback from students and teachers has been consistently positive and affirming. We look forward to having Andrew present to us again, and are once again impressed with the speakers from Minding Your Mind. Thank you for being a part of Peace Week 2017; I look forward to continued contact. “
Marguerite Nicholson-Schenk
Assistant Principal, retired

Miss Hall’s School
“Drew was everything you’d want in a presenter: professional, personable, knowledgeable, relatable, humorous. And the students loved him. Age appropriate message to high school girls and a terrific rapport with the audience, fielded questions very well. Thank you for making it so easy to offer this most important message to our students. “
Teresa Gentile
School Counselor

Timber Creek High School
“Minding Your Mind was great to work with. It was easy to schedule a presentation/speaker. Sheila Gillin was amazing!! Her presentation was informative and dynamic, asking questions and getting everyone involved. Thank you! “
Sherry Cappello

Oxford Area High School
“Jon was amazing! He was so comfortable and engaging with our students! “
Stacey Lock
School Counselor

East Pennsboro Area High School
“The speaker did an incredible job – he related his story very effectively to our students. At the end, he stayed around to talk to students individually, and quite a few students took advantage of this.

I think the best moments of the presentation were the speaker’s memories about going into treatment and how he didn’t want to do it at first. He shared the discouragement he felt and the frustrations with the process. But he talked about finally finding the right fit with a counselor that really made him start to buy in, even though it his victories were small at first. You could feel the auditorium really relating to this part of the presentation – it was perfect!

I’m so thankful for your organization – I’ve already shared your services with other counselors in our area and look forward to inviting you back to our school again in the future!
Adam Oldham
School Counselor

Opioid Epidemic Conference for the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services
“Carl’s presentation was vital and it set the tone for conference on the understanding the depth and breadth of the Opioid crisis. His presentation was extremely informative.“
Mary Harper
Program Analyst

Gwynedd Mercy University
“I have been doing this Take Back the Night event for 13 years, but we have had speakers from Minding Your Mind for just the last two events. I am amazed at what a dramatic improvement they have made in our program. Both years, your speakers were engaging–even riveting. They not only told their stories, but they wove them into the lessons our students needed to hear. They made connections. They helped us understand the healing process. I am so grateful to have discovered this amazing resource!“
Christine Eberle
Director of Campus Ministry

Berkshire School
“We had Drew and Carl come to speak at our school. Students were quiet, focused, and hanging on every word. There is nothing more powerful than young people connecting with other young people about mental health, and encouraging them that seeking help is not weakness but actually great strength. Especially for young men in our society, who aren’t given space to talk about their sadness, or how they may use substances to mask other complex feelings they could be experiencing, having role models like Drew and Carl to talk with is priceless. Drew and Carl were not only wonderful speakers, but delightfully easy to work with and so professional.”
Tess Adams
Director of Counseling

Parker Middle School
“Melissa was phenomenal at connecting with our audience of 6th – 8th graders. Her overall message of awareness that everyone has a story as told through her own personal story resonated with our students. I had several parents contact me about the powerful conversations Melissa’s visit prompted at home. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!”
Richele Shankland

Newton South High School
“We were incredibly impressed with the MYM Young Adult speakers who presented at our school. Both Carl and Drew shared their stories with power, authenticity, and a touch of humor. Their stories resonated across the breadth of our student body, and the audience was captivated. We ran a concurrent evening program for parents, and they too hung on every word. We bring in many enrichment programs and social emotional learning programs, and Minding Your Mind provided one of the best in recent memory.”
Dan Rubin
Director of Guidance

PA Leadership Charter School- Center for Performing and Fine Arts
“Carl was an amazing speaker! His story was amazing and enjoyed by the audience! I have heard Melissa, Carl, and Drew speak and they are all amazing speakers! I would definitely recommend Minding Your Mind to anyone and would definitely book a speaker again!”
Danielle Guth
Student, Class of 2017

Matignon High School
“Thank you again for your assistance in bringing Melissa to us for our faculty presentation. Her presentation was exceptional and I continue to have faculty members thanking me for bringing her in. They found her style and content extremely useful and have requested similar presentations in the future. As we discussed, our faculty are dealing increasingly with issues surrounding mental health, and they desperately want to know how they can help our students with them. Thank you for providing this resource to them. Hopefully there will be another opportunity in the future for us to partner.”
Timothy Welsh

Friends Central School
“I’ve heard Ali’s presentation now a handful of times and each time I learn more about her and her story. She explains how important it is to take care of one’s mental health. Additionally, she has great advice for my students whether it’s to the entire audience or one on one.“
Lisa Mansure
Health Teacher

Tewksbury High School
“I would like to thank Andrew for coming on Wednesday and taking the time to share his story. He made a real impact on our students. In fact his story allowed a young woman in our school to ask for help immediately after he spoke. I also want to thank him for staying after our fair in the evening to attend our mandatory meeting with parents and students about underage drinking and the social host law in Massachusetts. In fact our students noticed that he stayed and that meant a lot to them. Please pass along our gratitude to Andrew and please let him know how much we enjoyed meeting him and that he is making a difference in the lives of young people!“
Kristen Vogel

Carteret High School
“Jon’s ease and his story make him relatable for high school students. Everything he had to say about what he experienced and what he learned from it was on point for the struggles we see in teenagers, and if they absorbed even one small aspect of his advice, it could make a monumental difference in their lives. I have so much respect for the courage it takes for this man to tell his story, and we appreciate the work he does so much. We are so grateful for the work of MYM.“
Jeanne  Neuwirth
Social Worker Clinician

Southeast High School
“This was an excellent presentation and the subject matter cannot be presented enough times to students. This is such important information and practice. Instead of advertising for consuming products our society needs advertising for mindfullness!“
Roy Nelles
Teacher/Program Facilitator

Kennett High School
“Mollye was engaging, funny and well informed. I received positive feedback from all of the audience members. We would love to have her come back and talk to more of our parents, students, and teachers.“
Priscilla Jorda

McClure and Sheridan Elementary Schools
“Carl’s presentations to these two 4th grade classes were exceptional. He made meaningful connections between their prior knowledge about addiction and his personal and professional experiences. This is a challenging subject to unpack with elementary students, and he did so in a way that was age-appropriate and informative. The students, teachers and I are so grateful for his willingness to come out and share this crucial information, especially on a snowy winter day! Thanks a million.“
Julia Chrestay
Program Manager, Need in Deed

Jenkintown High School
“Students write reaction papers after the presentation. The reaction papers contain a summary of the presentation as well as an opinion of the guest speaker. Not to my surprise, Melissa received nothing but the highest of praise from my students. Students felt comfortable, engaged and amazed!“
Renate Costner

Delbarton School
“Great Job! Feedback has been very positive. More importantly, three of our students reached out to Guidance or School Psychologist having identified with Drew’s presentation. We are very happy to serve as reference.“
Chuck Ruebling
Assistant Headmaster

Colts Neck High School
“Thank you very much for coming to our school. Andrew’s presentation was very impressive and had a great impact on the students. “
Sabrina Schnurr

Dover Sherborn High School
“Drew was a terrific speaker! The students were focused and attentive due to his presentation and PowerPoint. His suggestions were helpful. I asked [my students] to finish this question and here are some of their responses.
Drew taught me….
– to get help if you think you need it.
– to talk to someone if you feel down.
– that one thing in your life can really affect people.
– that one should never lose hope if they have a mental illness because there is always hope.
– about triggers and positive coping mechanisms.
They also thought it was important that they learned how to get help and to reach out to a trusted adult. I think this is so important and what the students need to hear.”

Dara Johnson
Wellness Coordinator/Teacher

Brookwood Elementary School
“Thank you for the work you do and for sending out such a phenomenal speaker. All of the feedback has been very positive. I had the opportunity to listen in on one of the presentations and I am sure all of the students were impacted by what the speaker shared. I’ve never seen so many 6th graders sit attentively for so long! Melissa’s genuineness and willingness to put herself out there was a testament to the power of what can happen when you share your story. The students really responded to her message and her presentation style.“
Stephanie Tobey
Social Worker

Archbishop Ryan High School
“I have already recommended to the other Archdiocesan principals. I have enjoyed working with Minding Your Mind. This professional development piece was thoroughly enjoyed by the faculty. They were taking excitedly about it at break and following the session. We look forward to more sessions. “
Joe McFadden

Renaissance Academy
“I could not say enough positive things about the experience at our school. I received positive feedback from staff, parents, and students. It also opened the doors for more conversations and activities related to mental health and healthy coping mechanisms. More students sought me out after the program which I consider to always be a good thing.“
Lisa Fleck
School Counselor

Mercy Career & Technical High School
“Deb Cyb was excellent!  As a former teacher, she understood the needs of the students in the assembly as well as faculty/staff who were ‘mandated’ to attend. Deb has a wonderfully, warm, engaging personality.

I had several faculty/staff members say:
– She helped me understand mindfulness in a way that I can now embrace it and use it in the classroom.
– The presentation completely changed my mind about “mindfulness.”
– I feel I have the tools to begin some practices of my own.

From some students:
– I learned that I can do this at any time and I will feel calmer.
– Sometimes all you need to do is take 3 deep breaths.
– I learned to stop and pay attention to what is going on around me.”
Mary Anne Campellone
Theology Department Chair

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
“Mollye and Jon were amazing and made a great impact on our middle school and upper school staff. People were talking about it for days and were so grateful for the information and how powerfully they expressed it. Jon’s story really hit home for a lot of people and gave the staff a new way of looking at their students. I can’t wait to work with them again! “
Leslee Frye
School Psychologist

William M. Meredith School
“Carl’s presentation left a lasting impression on my students. When asked to reflect on key points and how they connected to his presentation, many mentioned how they didn’t realize how this issue isn’t too far removed from each and every one of them and that the cycle of addiction does not start overnight. They were also very much inspired by Carl’s perseverance through recovery and how this involves making positive choices both big and small for yourself on a daily basis. Students appreciated Carl’s honesty and courage in sharing his story to raise awareness among young people because it isn’t easy to share your weaknesses and struggles with an audience you do not know. The presentation helped our students open up to re-evaluate previously held assumptions on causes and effects of drug addiction and definitely gave them food for thought as they continue their research for their service-learning project.“
Elizabeth Kim

Boston College High School
“Drew was absolutely wonderful for all three presentations. We have been hearing from students, faculty, staff, and parents who were at the presentation about how moving his talk was and how it has inspired them to speak up about their own struggles or to be more proactive in the struggles of others. As a result of the presentation, a number of students saw their Guidance Counselors after and are currently seeking professional help. Students- even those who were not able to attend- have explicitly asked if we could have MYM back soon, and faculty have expressed a desire to make this a yearly event and to continue the discussion throughout our whole community.“
Elizabth Killorin

Springfield Middle School
“Melissa does very well relating and connecting to the kids. She was able to get the kids to open up and based on the lesson, we are trying to form student groups. Melissa is a wonderful speaker.“
Melissa EIfe
Health & PE Teacher

Cherry Hill JCC
“Drew was a big hit at our presentation. Kids and parents expressed that he was the best part! We can’t say enough about what a wonderful, professional young man he is. We would LOVE to have him at our April presentation!“
Nancy Lubars

Interboro High School
“Melissa was aware of our goal and theme and targeted her presentation directly to match this theme. This was our first attempt to provide this type of program to our community and she was the perfect “keynote” to address our female students and adults. She was humorous and witty while sending the message of positivity and change. Her information was spot on and practical for all – young and old. She was amazing. She fit in perfectly with our group and knew exactly how to connect with our students. “
Kim Paulina
School Social Worker

Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy
“Our students and staff are fortunate to work with Ali Tomlinson from Minding Your Mind for the 2016-2017 school year. Students relate well to Miss Ali and look forward to her monthly workshops; in fact, they’ve asked for her to visit us more often! At times, our students talk about what they learned during a workshop, and have been overheard talking amongst peers about mindfulness practices/strategies. Staff have been appreciative of Miss Ali’s techniques and connection to our students. Staff, too, have benefited from mindfulness practice/strategies. We spread the word of the great work of Minding Your Mind and Miss Ali and we have colleagues from our traditional high school who visit our workshops to gauge if they may use some of Miss Ali’s teachings with their students too. We also shared Minding Your Mind and Miss Ali’s work with our national network, Simon Youth Foundation and our network of 29 nationwide Simon Youth Academies for youth at-risk of dropping out of high school. Thank you for partnering with Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy for the 2016-2017 school year. We look forward to a continued partnership.”
Christine Seeley

Unity Charter School
“It was awesome. Both presenters really connected with the students. The information was extremely relevant and appropriate. They were real, genuine and honest and the students really appreciate that. I would recommend them to anyone and would definitely have them back.“
Michael Braverman
Dean of Students

Friends’ Central School
“Ali was wonderful! I asked my students for feedback regarding her presentation and they thanked me for having her come in to speak. They also mentioned that even if they couldn’t relate to her personal story they could at least relate to her emotionally. So, thank you Ali for sharing!

Mollye was fantastic with my 7th grade audience. She really engaged them and I thank her for preparing such an informative presentation and being up front and honest with them. She also gave them great advice about healthy living and social media. Thanks Mollye!”
Lisa Mansure
Health Teacher

Ursinus College
“Andrew was very professional and approachable. After the presentation was finished, multiple students went up to speak with him one-on-one in a private setting. He spoke with confidence and shared an emotional story. Anyone in the room listening to the presentation felt like they heard something incredibly important and useful.”
Luke Schlegel

Rolling Hills Elementary School
“Deb is excellent, the students are engaged from the moment she walks through the door to begin her lesson. After the sessions are complete, the students have a complete tool belt of mindful skills to practice when different situations present themselves. Deb has an innate ability as well as professional skill set to present these lessons.
Kathy Hornberger
4th Grade Teacher

Chatham High School
Melissa was amazing. This was the fourth speaker I’ve had in my classroom this year (and all have been superb) but she was the first one that spoke about OCD and bullying. My students were riveted by her story and her experiences. She was upbeat, relatable yet unique in her experiences and presentation. Thank you!

I couldn’t be happier with the experience I have had with Minding Your Mind from the cooperation in booking speakers to the subject matter to the presentations. Every school should make this a part of their curriculum. ”
Samantha Kenny

Pope John Paul II High School
Drew gave a wonderful presentation to our sophomore class in an assembly format. The information delivered and the style and manner in which Drew delivered it was extremely professional, connected, and powerful. The students were engaged the whole time. Feedback that I received from both students, parents, and faculty was that Drew did a wonderful job and that it is a much needed conversation and topic for discussion. ”
Mary Frances Traywick
Guidance Director

Brimm Medical Arts High School

Jordan’s presentation was excellent. The students are still talking about him. We need our students to realize they are not alone and it is our responsibility help them develop the skills needed to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. It was a perfect start of our COPETEEN Pilot program geared to help our students make healthy choices in all areas of their lives. We would love to have Minding Your Mind back to our school — even this year.
Dana Reganata
School  Nurse

Elizabethtown Middle School
Jordan’s presentation was a very matter of fact review of his story. His Q&A session was amazing! I watched him do a Q&A with middle school students and the power of their questions illustrated their connection with his presentation. His responses were perfect. I then watched him conduct a Q&A with our parents that evening and again, it was exceptional! I appreciated his story, but his efforts during the Q&A were so powerful.
Nate Frank
Elizabethtown Middle School Principal

Buckingham Elementary School
Deb is terrific! We are meeting with small targeted groups, and she has made greats connections with all the kids. I sincerely appreciate everything she is able to offer our students.
Bryan Rosica
Guidance Counselor

East Strousdsburg High School South
Kayta engaged our students from start to finish. She was able to deliver the information in a fun, factual, relevant way.
Carol A. Huffman
School Counselor

Crozer Chester Medical Center
Melissa was wonderful! She has presented many times over the last few years to our school. I love her upbeat personality. She does a wonderful job of relating to the students. They were very receptive to her message! Would love to have her come back!!!
Rosemary Barakat

Council Rock High School South
Deb did an excellent workshop! She tailored the information and activities to address the needs of our staff. She’s an excellent presenter. I had a number of staff rave to me about the workshop.
Irene Cavatore
CARES Coordinator

Marple Newtown High School
Your presentations, speakers and message is outstanding.
Ray Gionta
HPE Department Chair

Bryn Mawr College
We so appreciated Carl’s willingness to share not only his own personal experience, but also his passion and knowledge about how we, as future educators, can play a role in destigmatizing conversations about mental health in our classrooms. 
Debbie Flaks
Visiting Professor

West Chester Bayard Rustin High School
Andrew did a great job, and many students stayed after to let him know how much it meant to them that he came to talk to our school. I have continued to hear positive feedback from my students.
Andrea Kuesel

National Association of Pupil Services Administrators
I have utilized MYM speakers for NAPSA, the National Association of Pupil Services Administrators, PAPSA, the state affiliate, and my own William Penn S.D. where I am the Director of Pupil Services. Without exception, the speakers have been professional and spellbinding, leaving the audience enthralled. They bring the mental health problems they discuss to life. Always powerful to any audience.

F.M Bruno
President-elect, NAPSA

Merion Mercy Academy
Mollye and Carl presented to MMA parents in a professional, engaging manner. The information shared was relevant, timely, and well received. Several parents commented it was the best presentation they had ever experienced and would encourage fellow parents to attend. Because of Carl’s honesty and bravery in sharing his story, parents were able to share their own struggles and those of their children. Thank you for another wonderful MYM presentation. 

Adrianna Savarese
School Counselor

Northley Middle School
Jon was a fabulous speaker who truly reached the 8th grade students. My students left [feeling] emotional, and teacher feedback received stated that students were reflecting on the program through out the entire rest of the day. Jon also informed me about a parent presentation that would help some of our parents understand the signs and symptoms of depression and substance abuse, which is extremely value information! I would love to have Jon back again next year and in future years to come!

Gina Crowley
8th Grade Counselor

Honiss School
Ali Tomlinson did an excellent job explaining mindfulness to our Kindergarten through 8th grade students. She was able to engage large groups of students, sharing the importance of mindfulness in regards to helping us focus and ‘be in the moment.’ It was a difficult task to do with large groups, but she encouraged students to not be self-conscious and to focus on their breathing and the moments they were creating for herself. Since her visit, our students and teachers have been utilizing the breathing techniques in their classrooms, embracing our school goal of focusing on the socio-emotional wellness of our students. 

Carla Perez
Vice Principal

Downingtown Middle School
A HUGE thank you to Drew for coming to speak at DMS. The feedback from students and staff was very positive. We really appreciated that Drew discussed differences between negative and positive coping skills! This is a really important point to stress for our students. Thank you again! : )

Olivia Houston
Prevention Specialist

Downingtown West High School
Melissa is ‘real’ and the students relate to her. In my post-visit questionnaire the students voiced an interest in knowing so much more than the 48 minute class period allowed. After our Crisis Intervention Specialist decides what she will be doing regarding having the MYM speakers, I may schedule another visit from Melissa. Last year I did not schedule a second visit, but took my students to a presentation of two other MYM speakers that visited the school. All have gone beyond all expectations. 

Donna Kneisly

Franklin High School
Mollye and Katya helped make our annual professional development day meaningful and relevant. Since the presentation was provided to school counselors and teaching staff, they were able to adjust accordingly and provide information that was equally beneficially to both groups.

Dana Karas
Director of School Counseling

Manasquan High School
I have seen Katya’s presentation several times. I have found that each time she presents she has a lot of energy and really informs the class on a topic that can be uncomfortable. She is very relate-able to the students and would recommend her to other classes.

Amy Certo

Please Pass the Love
“Ali did WONDERFUL! We were very impressed with her, especially given the short notice. She is very knowledgeable and has a very powerful story to tell. Ali was also very interested in what we are doing as an organization, which made us feel great. We have received wonderful feedback. Thank you!!”

Emmalee Bowlin
Operations Director

Millersville University
“Ali Warren Rothrock was such a great speaker! She shared her story with professionalism while also making sure to make an impact. She was very personable & welcomed our conversations & questions easily. I would recommend her to anyone needing a speaker on this topic!”

Peer Educator

Monacan High School
“I thought that Drew did a great job of telling his story but at the same time giving really concrete tips to students about how to cope with their ups and downs.”

Katie Ricard
Assistant Principal

Peddie School
“I thought Ali was fabulous for an audience of both students and faculty. It was first rate, just as all of your speakers have been. I never have to worry about previewing the presentation in advance.”

Melanie A. Clements
Assistant Head for Student Life

Plumstead Christian School
“Jordan’s story was moving and real. His experience inspired many students who have been hiding their depression and anxiety to come forward and talk with a trusted adult at our school. Because his story and his adolescence were so relatively ‘normal,’ it made it okay for our kids who consider their lives ‘normal’ to be honest about their depression. He helped the kids understand that depression can come on anyone and doesn’t necessarily have to be triggered by a traumatic event. All in all, the whole experience was educational and extremely valuable to our school community.”

Chrissy Boden
School Counselor

Gwynedd Mercy University
“Katya was well-prepared, enthusiastic, and provided a beautiful presentation for our first-year students. She discusses difficult topics with grace.”

Kristen Hawk
College Counselor

Wissahickon High School
“We have welcomed Drew back two years in a row; first for students and then for continuing education professionals. He is a consummate professional and brings so much personal pathos to his dialogue.”

Marissa Samit
School Counselor

Rutgers University
“Carl Antisell was an excellent presenter! The student’s liked his openness, said he was well prepared, and the class enjoyed hearing Carl’s personal story about mental health and drug abuse.”

Joy Atkins

North Hunterdon High School
“It was an overwhelmingly positive experience for our student-athletes to listen to the presentation delivered by Ali Tomlinson. She was able to connect with our students in a way that has led many of them to request additional information.”

Anthony Rotondo
Teacher and Coach

Bernardsville, NJ
“Drew’s words/story resonated with everyone that night. He helped all us to better understand the darkness and loneliness of depression. I wish every student in America could hear Drew.”

Deann Snook

Garnet Valley Middle School
“The lucky staff members who attended Melissa and Drew’s presentations were blown away. We are anxious to have them both back for students and staff next year.”

Carolyn Falcone
SAP Coordinator

Woodrow Wilson High School
“I continue to spread the word about your organization because I believe your message is very important and touches the lives of students who are struggling with mental health issues. You shed light on an important topic, help to decrease the stigma on mental health, and create a doorway for students to seek help and voice their struggles. Both speakers were genuine, honest, and articulate, and their message was well received. I appreciate all that you do – thank you!”

Desiree Tambascia

Drexel University
“Drew was excellent.  His presentation was very well received.  The crowd was small – not unexpected given the population and timing of this event – but Drew was undaunted.  In telling his ‘story’, it was clear that he was able to connect with everyone in that room.”

Annette Molyneux

Immaculate Heart of Mary
“Jackie was an amazing speaker and I believe her story really made an impact on the students at IHM. Thank you so much for all you do! Minding Your Mind is a great foundation that really brings education and awareness to some of the most sensitive and important issues children, teens and adults face today. I will strongly recommend MYM in the future!”

Kelly Stack
Family Connections Counselor

Saint Stephen’s Lutheran Academy
“I was extremely impressed by how well Melissa was able to adjust her presentation to meet the needs of our students here at St. Stephen’s. She was able to provide unique presentations to our K-8 grade group as well as our 9-12 grade groups. She was sensitive to the fact that the majority of our students are struggling with emotional management while still giving a passionate and inspiring presentation. When a student became escalated during the presentation, Melissa was able to redirect him and prompt him to focus on the presentation so that he, and others, could benefit from her story. Melissa’s story was inspirational to both students and staff, which served as a reminder that we are all fighting a battle of some kind. Her message about perseverance, positivity, and utilizing coping skills provided insight that despite our individual experiences; we can all help one another in some way as we journey through life.”

Valerie Masters
Special Education Teacher

Progressions School
“Drew did a fantastic job!  Both staff and students were impressed and gained a lot from his message.  He even stuck around after his scheduled time to answer questions of the students.  It is clear that he truly wants to spread his story so he can help other who may be going something similar.  Thank you MYM!”

Alicia Kukoski
Director of Education

Pompton Lakes High School
“Carl was a fantastic speaker. He was very knowledgeable, insightful and confident.   He is a very powerful speaker with a diverse appeal relating to students and parents.   He was also an awesome listener to student’s/parent’s questions with great spot-on answers.  He just didn’t tell his story, he also provided direct advice and suggestions geared at creating solutions to all drug and pills addiction issues. I would highly recommend him as someone you can count on to create impact with students, parents and community groups.”

Carol Helm


Delaware County Technical School
“Melissa Hopely is an engaging speaker with an important message. My students are seniors in high school and it’s important for them to learn about taking care of their mental health before they go to college.”

Denise Kossuth

Colonial Middle School
“Jackie’s demeanor and presentation style was a great match for a middle school audience.  Her message of how to manage life with anxiety and how to seek help for positive changes in life was spot-on.  While it was important for everyone to hear the lowest times in her life, her experience of finding assistance from professionals, friends and family and using her positive coping strategies really hit home for both students and staff alike.”

Christy Kealey
Community Counselor

Paxon Hollow Middle School
“Jackie was spot on with her ability to connect to our students.  Her story was perfect and a great balance with our speaker last year, who was equally good.  I have already seen Jackie’s story and positive message resonating with my students.”

Andrew Davis
Guidance Counselor

Friends Central School
“Drew was outstanding!  He spoke to our entire upper school student body in an assembly and unfortunately due to time was not able to finish his presentation.  My health class students were hoping to hear his whole story and have the opportunity to ask questions.  I told them I’ll ask and see if he can return to FCS and visit our class.  Sure enough, within a few weeks, Drew returned and was able to pick up from where he left off and answered my students’ questions in a thoughtful and professional manner.”

Lisa Mansure

Merion Mercy Academy
“Thank you to Jackie Ricciardi and Ali Warren for their courage and confidence in speaking to our school community. Their presentations created great dialogue, discussion, and reflection on important issues that burden today’s high school students. As an all girls’ school, it is vital and truly inspiring to hear how young women have overcome obstacles and share their powerful stories.”

Adrianna Savarese
Guidance Counselor

Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School
“I continue to use Minding Your Mind for the majority of our presentations. The speakers are prepared, insightful and motivated.  Thanks again.”

Bill Gillespie
Chair, Counseling Department

Cardinal O’Hara High School
“I want to thank you for the services that you provide.  With the limited amount of time we are given to teach health, sometimes certain subjects do not get the attention that they should.  The speakers provide an excellent way to supplement the material with real live examples the students can relate to.”

Jason Sweet

Pennsylvania State SADD Conference
“It was a pleasure having both Jackie and Carl at our conferences.  They offered much to our audience and our SADD chapters/youth could relate to their message.  The evaluations we received from both events were very favorable towards both of their workshops, and keynote presentations. They were both very professional when introducing themselves to our staff and emcee for the day.  We enjoyed working with them. Our hope is this is the beginning of a partnership between Pennsylvania SADD and MYM to reach more students.”

Felicity Erni

Monsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School
“I just wanted to say thank you for sending Drew today. He was a great speaker that seemed to really connect with the students. He presented the material in a very real and personal manner. The skills to help were something that our students could do on their own. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I think he really relates to the struggles of high school students.”

James Strandberg
Assistant Principal for Student Affairs


Fresh Start Academy Middle School
“Although I was disappointed to have missed another opportunity to participate in the presentation, I feel extremely fortunate to have seen it a little earlier this school year.  The feedback from the staff has been nothing short of outstanding.  They wanted me to extend their gratitude.  I will work with my administrator, Mr. Stephen M. Webb, about the possibility about scheduling a presentation for our students.  Thank you again for everything.”

Brian K. Tidwell, School Counselor
Fresh Start Academy Middle School


Woodrow Wilson High School
“Drew and Tamia were excellent speakers who definitely captured the attention of our students with their message of mental health awareness and hope. They were honest, informative, and articulate. I appreciate the long day they put in for our students. I received a lot of positive feedback from both staff and students.”

Desiree Tambascia
School Nurse


Need In Deed
Drew was wonderful as always and we truly appreciate his story and his willingness to share!”

Kyra Atterbury
Associate Program Director

Rutgers School of Nursing – Camden
“Jackie Ricciardi presentation to school nurse certification students was very powerful and enlightening. The students were engaged and very interested in what was being said. We all learned a lot and it is always nice to hear a first-hand account of a life experience than to read about it.”

Joy Atkins
Adjunct Professor

Curtis Institute of Music
I don’t think any of us knew what to expect prior to Tuesday’s event, but we all came away informed intellectually and moved emotionally. In follow-up conversations with the students, it seems that they feel more empowered to speak up and start conversations with their peers. I look forward to seeing how this plays out during the academic year. I will certainly reference this program as we continue to discuss ongoing student wellness initiatives.”

Thomas Bandar
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Residence Life

Blackhawk High School
“Ali was wonderful!  I was so impressed with her.  Thank you!”

Heather McCowin

Blackhawk School District
“The presentation was important for many of the professionals and paraprofessionals to hear.  It is a timely topic and one not always understood completely as unfortunately blame is often erroneously placed on the victim.   I have been a school administrator for 25 years.  I can count on one hand the number of presentations that have held the attention of an auditorium full of school employees [primarily teachers].  This was one such presentation.    Not only did it hold the immediate attention, it created thought provoking informal conversations later in the day.  That is the sign of an effective speaker.”

JaneAnn Fucci


Peddie School
“Drew was very well prepared and yet self-effacing. Speaking in front of a group of faculty after a long morning of meetings can be daunting but Drew handled the audience exceptionally well. He is the second speaker we’ve had on campus from MYM. While there is always a concern about the quality of a program that you have not seen in advance, in each case the speaker was polished, poised and knowledgeable.”

Melanie Clements
Assistant Head for Student Life


Mannington School
“This was a great experience!  It was an informative presentation that really made us think about our students and the people we work with on a daily basis.  I thank you wholeheartedly for providing this service and for making it so easy to get valuable and beneficial information into the hands of the staff here at Mannington.  I know we have had conversations about bringing Minding your Mind back to the health classes and to parents too.”

Kristin Williams
Chief School Administrator

Conrad Weiser Area School District
“Jackie and Carl were terrific.  The students were riveted and there was a tremendous amount of very positive feedback from the students afterward.  They stayed for an hour and 15 minutes after the presentation, which was critical for some of our students to have their questions answered and to just, feel connected.”

Barbara Boland
Student Assistance Program Coordinator

Penn State DuBois Campus
“Minding your Mind is an awesome program with amazing speakers! Carl was able to tell his story and bring awareness to other students about how drugs and alcohol can mask someone’s life. Everyone enjoyed the speaker and we will definitely be having more Minding Your Mind presentations!”

Shelby Volosky

Jordan Road School
“Tamia Govan was riveting. She spoke clearly and with intent. She tailored her presentation to the audience. I was so impressed with her story. I have asked for her to come back and speak to my 7th and 8th graders. I was especially impressed that she spent time at our Resource meeting and spoke to many of the vendors and parents. She is wonderful.”

Susan Dugan

Williamsport Area Middle School
I just wanted to thank your organization for another great speaker.  Like Jackie, Ali was wonderful.  I have received so many thanks from teachers and students.  I just can’t say how much we appreciate the message and how much it means to our students.

Tamra Rook
Guidance Counselor

Manchester Township High School
“Drew was a dynamic speaker who was able to keep the attention of students from grades 9-12.  He was extremely relatable while remaining professional during his delivery.  One students’ feedback after his presentation was, “I am a senior and that was the BEST assembly we have ever had since I’ve been here!”  We would love to have him back her to present in the future at Manchester Township High School!”

Sierra Thomas
Student Assistance Counselor

Blair County School District
“Melissa did a great job.  You could have heard a pin drop in the audience they were so attentive.  The kids lined up and wanted to meet her and take pictures with her instead of getting their pizza for lunch.  She was amazing!!!!!  She related to the teenagers so well.  She used language they could understand and hear among themselves.”

Jennifer Stubbs
Community Relations Coordinator

Rumson – Fair Haven Regional High School
“Melissa is an exceptional presenter. Her message was honest, thought provoking and delivered in a kind, thoughtful manner. Melissa’s presentation genuinely helped to reduce the stigma and shame associated with mental health issues.”

Suzanne Fico
Student Assistance Counselor

Manor College
“Ms. Jackie Ricciardi’s presentation and presence resonated with all those present. This included faculty (two leading psychologists with over sixty years of working in private practices and schools), staff (including a security office who worked in crisis intervention) and students some of whom are my advisees and students I instruct. Manor is a tight knit community where everyone has a stake in the health and well-being of the student body. The unanimous feeling afterward is that Manor would like Minding Your Mind to return!”

Michael Sims

Avon Grove High School
“Minding your Mind is a wonderful organization that I would highly recommend to any school.  I received wonderful feedback from our students who saw the presentation.  It takes an enormous amount of courage to share your story to anyone let alone adolescents and I commend Drew and all of the speakers at Minding Your Mind.”

Stephanie Witt
Student Assistance Coordinator

The Baldwin School
“This was an extremely valuable presentation for our faculty and staff.  The young adult speakers were very professional and well spoken.  To hear their stories first hand was a very powerful experience. We would welcome the opportunity to host the presenters from Minding Your Mind on our campus in the future.”

Sherri Farenwald
Director of Human Resources

Strath Haven High School
“Carl was fantastic, entertaining, and compassionate when he spoke.  My students are still mentioning his story to date!”

Carly Reid

P.S. 23 School
“Tamia’s story was heartbreaking but inspirational to see how she took an unfortunate experience and grew so strongly from it.  Her story touched the lives of many of the students here at P.S. 23.  Some even came forward asking for help with some of their situations.  I greatly appreciate her sharing her story. Thank you.”

Kristy Cardinali
Guidance Counselor

Voices 4 Change
“Drew did an amazing job. Everyone had nothing but positive things to say about his presentation. There is talk within the county about brining another presentation to the county for a larger presentation to youth.”

Susan Keller

Pennridge High School
“Melissa Hopely gave a 9th grade presentation to 600 students. She told her story of growing up struggling with mental health issues and being bullied. She shared how deciding to seek mental health treatment led to her recovery and success. Her overall message was that there is hope and help available. Her message also promoted that notion of being kind to one another because you never know what someone else might be going through. She was professional, compassionate and relatable. Our students provided positive feedback and felt they could relate to her.”

Lori D’Angelo
Guidance Counselor

North Pocono Middle School
“I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you for your efforts in bringing Minding Your Mind a reality for North Pocono Middle School.  It all began with a simple online inquiry and within two days, you were saying ‘yes’ to come to our school.  The dedication and passion you hold for your cause is ever so present in your communication via phone and email.  Moreover, your website offers a wealth of information and resources to benefit the public.

I would be remiss if I didn’t personally thank Mr. Drew Bergman.  What can I say other than he is a rock star!  Drew has a presence about him that is captivating.  He had such command of the audience and his ability to tell his courageous story to our students and faculty with ease was exemplary.  Drew had a natural way of relating to our students.  He was confident and strong, yet friendly and compassionate.  This is a combination that cannot be taught. His message was relatable and focused on the strengths and healthy life choices that he has made and promoted others to take as well as opening the door to start a conversation that so many people are afraid to discuss: mental health.  Drew possesses great poise and the manner he handled student questions and difficult topics were effortlessly executed.  Moreover, he never tried to be something that he is not.  I was never fearful of what he was going to say or how he handled a question.  He spoke from his level of expertise and suggested others that may be more qualified to address other concerns.

I received many positive messages from the faculty and students and thanking me for bringing Minding Your Mind to our school.  So much so, I felt that you needed to be made aware of it.  As a former teacher, school counselor and current administrator, I believe in your cause.  If there is anything I can do to help in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Keep up the tremendous work you do.

Matt Montoro
Assistant Principal

Watchung Hills Regional High School
“On behalf of the Health teachers, I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to Billy, Carl, and Melissa for their presentations to our Health classes.  The passion, energy, honesty, and determination in making a change in the lives of these young students is inspiring and exactly the element we were looking to fill in the Health curriculum.  The students had such positive feedback after hearing the personal stories and for the first time after having a guest speaker, we truly feel that the students ‘got it’ and learned a lot from what was presented. Again, thank you, thank you!! We look forward to using your organization again in the near future!”

Jill Gleeson
Health & Physical Education Department

Paxon Hollow Middle School
As I said to Drew and Sheila on Thursday, Drew’s message was exactly what we were looking for at this time!  Students, staff, and parents who participated were all very impressed.  I would be interested in booking a speaker for next year.”

Dr. Stephen Subers

Whitney M. Young, Jr. School
“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Minding Your Mind through a workshop being held in my district for school counselors, and immediately knew that the presentation and speakers were needed in my building, which houses students in grades preK-8. Many of our students in fourth grade and up have begun to deal with feelings of anxiety and depression, and they are dealing with the stigma of it. Jackie and Billy came to our school to speak to my kids; not only were our students engaged throughout the discussion, but they reacted positively to it. Multiple students afterwards came to me to ask for help, as hearing what Jackie and Billy said made them realize that there is life beyond the pain. Minding Your Mind is a fantastic program to bring to schools; I can’t wait to have you at our school again!

Lori Goldman
Guidance Counselor


Springfield Township Middle School
“I wanted to thank all of you for being a part of our Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention program last Thursday.  Our district is so lucky to have such fantastic resources so close by.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to be with us and share your resources with the community.


As some of you may know, this year we began a parent speaking series.  It was very successful and we plan to continue it next year.  I am hoping to start creating a schedule for September.  Please let me know if you are interested in presenting.  We are open to all ideas.  This year we had presentations on things such as Mindfulness and Creating a Peaceful Home, Parenting Anxious Children, Teenage Relationships for Special Needs Children, Psychologist Roundtables etc…


Once again, thanks for all of your help. I hope ALL of you can present for our Parenting Series!!!”

Melissa Levin
School Social Worker

The Pennington School

“I just wanted to let you know how much the sophomore class enjoyed Carl’s presentation the other day.  One of the kids shared that it was her favorite presentation so far this year.  The feedback has been excellent and we are just so impressed with your program.  I am certain that we will reach out again in the future.  Also, if you happen to have Carl’s email, I would love to thank him as well.”

Susan Paige
Health and Wellness Counselor

Highland Regional High School
“I wanted to forward this comment and add my own. Ali was such a polished presenter, so comfortable in front of the classroom.  To think that she was discussing such a serious topic and revealing so much about her own experience, makes her that much more amazing!  The ultimate compliment was when the bell rang and she was still speaking…not one student moved to get up.  That is HUGE! for a high school student. Thank you for all that you do!”

Jan Vizoco
Student Assistant Coordinator

Ali Warren, from Minding Your Mind, gave a great presentation.  She spoke about her struggle with mental health and the traumatic experiences that she had endured.  She had the attention of the students throughout the day and even made an impact on a few that stayed after class to speak with her personally.”

Randie Lynch

Health and Physical Education

Bell Oaks Upper Elementary School
“It was absolutely great!!!! We have had numerous students come forward and release personal information regarding self-harm etc.”

Carol Holt
Guidance Counselor


Milton Hershey School
“Wanted to let you know how thrilled we were to host Jordan and his mom this morning at our school. He did a great job sharing his story and instilling hope. Our students responded well, asked good questions (at least I thought so!) and even hung around afterwards to talk with him in smaller groups. 

Diane K. Teske, M. S.


Mechanicsburg Middle School
“Carl, thank you for speaking to our students this morning.  The kids were enthralled by your story.  I feel you have given us an opportunity to speak openly about mental health.”

Amy Dulac
French Teacher


Cumberland Valley School District (wanted to see before posting)
Our students found the presentation to be very interesting and they felt like they could connect more to the topic since it was a speaker who was closer to their age.  Everyone from Minding Your Mind was willing to work with us to make the presentation meet our needs.”

Sabrina Lindsay
Social Studies Supervisor

Lumberton Middle School
“I just attended a remarkable presentation by one of our former students, Drew Bergman. His calm, quiet discussion of the traumatic events in his life was mesmerizing. The normally rambunctious 8th graders sat in rapt attention. This presentation could not have been more personal, yet also meaningful to the larger group. I just met with a group of at-risk 8th grade girls. They were quite impressed with Drew’s courage in describing his personal experiences. My thanks and appreciation for the efforts of ‘Minding Your Mind’ and especially for our presenter Drew.”

Robert DiGiacomo
School Counselor

“I had the good fortune to be present during Drew Bergman’s presentation to our 8th grade class yesterday. His powerful story and manner of delivery was truly moving to our student and staff alike. He reached the kids in a way that we, as older adults, cannot. Beyond expressing my praises for Drew specifically, I also wanted to comment on the fact that this program, in general, is filling a significant need for young people. I feel so good about having been a part of bringing this invaluable opportunity to our students and thank you for the work your organization is doing.”

Betty Donahue
Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services

Wordsworth Academy
“We continue to appreciate and enjoy each and every speaker that has been to our school for the past 4 years, and certainly hope to continue for many years to come! Jordan was wonderful, and our students were absolutely enthralled during his presentation!  I love that his mother is so supportive of him, as well!”

Elizabeth DeJong, M.Ed.
School Counselor

Radnor Middle School
“I want to thank you for the presentation MYM made earlier this week to both our parents and students. Sheila and Jackie were great with our parents on Tuesday evening and Jackie was wonderful in the two assemblies we held on Wednesday morning. I received very positive feedback from staff and students regarding her message and delivery style. The students could truly relate to her story. Many teachers mentioned having great follow-up conversations with their students throughout the remainder of the day. Kudos to Jackie!”

Clyde Diehl

Lower Merion Interschool Counsel
“Good afternoon, writing to say thank you for what I can only say was one of the best speakers that I have heard this year.  

From scheduling to coordinating this event, Trish, you listened to our concerns, matched the speaker and topic to our needs and patiently, repeatedly edited the flyer.  Sheila, I found your insight and comments both beginning and concluding this presentation to give both practical advice and context to the issues that concerned our parents.  And, Drew, you captivated the room. 

I cannot adequately put into words the emotions that I felt as I heard you speak about your struggles, feelings and thoughts.  You possess a confidence, ease and an energy that draws people to you.  But what moved me most was your honesty, strength and resilience.  Thank you, each of you, for making last night’s program a first step into what I hope will become a much larger conversation in our schools and communities.”

Deborah A. Rocco

Daytop New Jersey
“Hi Billy:

I want to thank you and Donna again for coming to Daytop New Jersey this morning. You did a great job relating your story to the residents at Daytop.

What made your presentation so effective is that you touched on many of the message points that we try to communicate to the kids on a daily basis. However, coming from someone who has truly walked in their shoes makes a big difference.

I spoke to a few kids afterward and they said they really liked your presentation and could relate to your story. In addition, one of the teachers who has been with Daytop for many years said it was one of the best presentations that she’s heard at Daytop.

You should be very proud of what you have accomplished and the obstacles that you’ve overcome.

Thank you for the work you do for kids and families whose lives have been touched by substance abuse. As you know, the collateral damage is not pretty, so families need help in many areas of their lives.”

Erin Carrabba
Director of Education

Burlington City High School
“First and foremost, I wanted to say that Drew’s presentation yesterday was phenomenal.  The students and staff continue to speak of how much they enjoyed hearing the information provided.  Please let me know if I can assist in any other way. I really love the message that this organization is spreading and believe that it is beneficial for all students, as well as, school staff and parents.”

Nicole Duncan, LSW, SAC
Substance Awareness Coordinator

Harpeth Hall School – Nashville, TN
I just wanted to let you know that Jackie did a fantastic job.  I have checked-in with faculty and students and have only heard positive feedback.  I think everyone enjoyed how authentic and honest Jackie was in her presentation.  I know many of our students battle with mental health issues and I know there are others struggling who never let anyone in.  I hope the Jackie gave them a voice.  She did a wonderful job normalizing mental illness while also acknowledging the importance of getting help.  I am thoroughly impressed with Jackie and your organization.  You are providing a wonderful service that I believe will help many students.  Thank you for all that you and Jackie do.”

Rachel Wieck Cupit, PhD
Upper School Counselor

Friends’ Central School
Trish once again Jackie was spectacular.  She had the students engaged, hit all areas we wanted her to, and she also answered the questions asked by the students.  We really like having her and look forward to having her again in April.  

Our psychologist observed this presentation and was really pleased with her presentation.  She sees Jackie as a bright young women whom knows how to engage a crowd with her story.”

Ed Soto

Delaware County Technical Schools – Crozer Chester Medical Center
“It was a pleasure having Melissa come to our classroom.  My students enjoyed her presentation.  I am grateful that she visited twice in 1 day and I appreciate that she was so accommodating to our schedule. I have 3 students who suffer from depression, anxiety, and/or OCD.  I know that they felt comforted knowing that there is an organization that addresses their issues.  They will be going off to college this fall, and it make them feel better knowing they can reach out to your organization if needed. Always a powerful message! Thank you and I would absolutely love to have Melissa back next year!”

Rosemary Barakat BSN RN
Medical Careers Instructor

Northley Middle School
“As Billy starts his last talk of the day, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful he was and how great his message is! You truly have some great speakers in your organization that can and will impact many people’s lives.”

Gina Yannarell Crowley M.S.
8th Grade Counselor

Marple Newtown High School
“Under the direction of Trish Pisauro, Minding your Mind has been visiting our Health Classes for the past 5 years.   During this time, various speakers have addressed our 11th grade health classes.  They have been professional and caring when talking about Mental Health.  They share their story in a way that can relate to high school students.  They will attempt to create an environment where youth will share their struggles with parents, teachers and counselors. They encourage students to deal with teenage problems by seeking the appropriate help.”

Ray Gionta
Health Teacher

Highland Regional High School
“Ali was such a polished presenter, so comfortable in front of the classroom.  To think that she was discussing such a serious topic and revealing so much about her own experience, makes her that much more amazing! 

The ultimate compliment was when the bell rang and she was still speaking…not one student moved to get up.  That is HUGE! for a high school student.

Thank you for all that you do!”

Jan Vizoco
Student Assistance Coordinator

Wordsworth Academy
“…We continue to appreciate and enjoy each and every speaker that has been to our school for the past 4 years, and certainly hope to continue for many years to come! Jordan was wonderful, and our students were absolutely enthralled during his presentation!”

Beth DeJong
School Counselor

Agnes Irwin School
“Melissa’s presentation was a great complement to our Transitions program. She is authentic and I think reaches the girls ‘where they live’ so to speak. Thanks for providing this invaluable service to our students!”

Deanna Mayer

“The Agnes Irwin School has worked with Minding Your Mind for many years, and has found their partnership to be invaluable in helping support our students as they face the pressures of an ever-changing, ever more complex world. Young women face specific challenges, especially to healthy minds and healthy attitudes, and Minding Your Mind has helped us as a community identify those unique challenges, and better yet, has given us the tools to help face them with education, research, purpose, and empathy. Through their speaker series and workshops, Minding Your Mind has helped us create programming for parents, students, and faculty that has educated us all about healthy mindsets. Students love their real-world approach, and parents and faculty find their work to be smart, topical, and supportive of our community values. We would highly recommend Minding Your Mind, especially to an institution focused on nurturing healthy young women.”

Jennifer E. Fiorini 
Interim Dean of Students

Building 21, Ferguson High School
“I am so grateful for Carl’s visit!  I think his story is amazing and we have had a good response.  I look forward to scheduling another speaker in the future.”

Clare Kobierowski
Fitness and Wellness Coordinator

Roman Catholic High School
“I had the pleasure of hearing Drew Bergman speak at a staff meeting and knew instantly that Minding Your Mind was an organization I wanted to be more involved with. His courage to combat the stigma associated with mental illness through his honest account of his own struggles is inspiring. The services Minding Your Mind provides are invaluable and life changing. It is impossible not to feel more empathetic and motivated to aid in Minding Your Mind’s mission after coming in contact with anyone from the organization.”

Elizabeth Hashagen, M.S.
School Counselor

Need In Deed
“Just a quick note to say that Jordan was amazing at our retreat this last weekend! And because he spoke to a room full of teachers who were so moved by his story, we used it as a chance to reinforce the opportunity to work with Minding Your Mind and invite speakers and staff training in the schools.

We packed their brains with LOTS of new material so we aren’t sure what the follow up will be or when. But we wanted you to know that we are spreading the word and hoping for more good connections to emerge with MYM and Philly schools.”

Pam Prell

“I wanted to say thank you so much for helping us bring Jordan to our Need in Deed teacher retreat this past Saturday.  He was WONDERFUL and all of our teachers were so impressed with his story and his willingness to share.  The teachers all wrote thank you notes to Jordan and I wanted to know if there was an address where I can send them.  Can I send them to the West Lancaster Avenue address?”

Kyra Atterbury
Associate Program Director

Villa Maria Academy
“On Wednesday, October 15th, I was challenged to put a program together for the freshmen class of Villa Maria Academy in Malvern, Pa.. As you know, one of the key speakers we went with was Kristin Nordeman. Kristin was a spectacular choice and I am writing to tell you why.  She has an excellent demeanor that was reflected in a presentation delivered with poise, confidence, and a natural sense of humor, that made the girls stay interested and focused throughout the entire presentation. She was the perfect role model to deliver such a strong message from the heart. Kristin is a true professional and the students at Villa were blessed to hear her personal story of triumph over roadblocks in her life. Thank you so much to everyone at Minding Your Mind who make such programs available to today’s high school students.

Congratulations on having such a wonderful person to represent your excellent organization. The feedback from the students was a positive 5 out of 5 and I echo their sentiments 100%. I hope you have a terrific Fall season!”

Sally Jeffries
Guidance Counselor

Thomas Jefferson University
I just wanted to write and thank Minding Your Mind and Carl for a wonderful event last night. Carl’s talk was fantastic, and the students in the audience really got a lot out of it!”

Brittany Heckel
Co-President Active Minds at Thomas Jefferson University

Peddie School
“…our student audience (as well as the few adults present) greatly enjoyed/appreciated Jackie Ricciardi’s presentation last night. Everyone thought she was terrific!

Melanie A. Clements
Assistant Head for Student Life

Valley Forge Military Academy
“…First and foremost to thank Jordan for coming to speak at Valley Forge.  It was obvious that the cadets were engaged and impacted by his experience – we are always looking for ways to engage the students both emotionally and educationally regarding mental health and this presentation was a fantastic way to accomplish this.  Thank you!!”

Danielle Turk Bieber
Mental Health Counselor

The Progressions School
“My staff and I really enjoyed the presentation by Carl and Sheila.  It served as a great reminder the issues that students are dealing with and how we, as the educators can offer support and be aware of different things to look for. We really enjoyed Carl’s story and feel that our students could learn a lot from listening to it. Thanks again!”

Alicia Kukoski
Director of Education

AFSP – Hamilton Out of Darkness Walk
“I can’t express how thankful I am that Jordan came out and spoke at the walk on Sunday, Oct. 19th for AFSP. He is an amazing young man that I will treasure his braveness always. He captured the hearts of all that were at the walk. Hopefully his story will save some lives and give some comfort to others knowing that with depression it happens in a split second and we can’t always be there to save but we can try to help.”

Linda Patterson

North Montco Technical Career Center
Dear Jackie,

I wanted to thank you for spending the entire day presenting to the students and faculty at North Montco Technical Career Center.   Your courage and honesty are commendable. I was amazed by your ability to keep your audience of rambunctious teenagers captivated. The room was so silent you could hear a pin drop. I know that your message impacted many of our students and faculty. We received an outpouring of positive feedback immediately after people heard your story. I am certain that we will continue to hear how your struggle and your message to break the silence has encouraged others to not suffer silently, but reach out for whatever help they need. I am excited about the work that Minding Your Mind is doing and hope that you can continue to touch lives with your powerful message of hope.”

Kira O’Brien L.S.W.
School Counselor

Jenkintown High School
“I wanted to touch base and let you know how awesome Jackie’s presentation was for my Health class. The students immediately connected with Jackie and remained attentive throughout the entire presentation.  The reactions for the students were nothing but positive and complimentary. I know Minding Your Mind has numerous speakers and I am sure each one can develop a special connection with their audience, but I will have to say, Jackie is one of the best guest speakers I have ever had (and I’ve been in education for many years)! Thank you so much for the difference your speakers and Minding Your Mind has and can make in the life of a Jenkintown young adult. Take care and I will be in touch for next semester.”

Renate Costner
Drug Prevention Coordinator

Gwynedd Mercy University
“Drew did an amazing job conveying his message of you are not alone as well as not to judge others based on appearance.  I have continued to receive feedback from attendees that reflect how powerful his story was for them.  I believe having a peer raising awareness and breaking barriers around mental health issues is significant and helps Counseling Services reach more students encouraging them to take action and seek help.  Many many thanks to Drew, to your organization and to the funding sources for bringing this to us!”

Jeanne McGowan
Director of Counseling Services

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
“Ali Warren was amazing! Her story was touching, and really tied in with the message we were trying to give with Get Real Barbie. Hopefully next year we will be hosting Get Real Barbie again, and if we do I already have Minding Your Mind on the list to contacts! “

Alexis R. Williams
Event Coordinator

Innovation High School
“I wanted to thank you for offering a wonderful presenter to come address the students at our school.  Billy’s message was clear and heartfelt and the students really connected with his struggle and experience.  Several students came up to Billy after the presentation and thanked him for sharing his story.  He was bombarded with many questions and addressed them all eloquently and honestly.  Not only were the students touched and affected but so was the staff who also connected with him and shared some of their own stories with me afterward.  There was absolutely, nothing but positive feedback from everyone involved.  

We’re excited to hear Jackie’s story, especially since we’re dealing with the same issues with several of our students this year.  I’m sure these students will go back and share this experience and hopefully touch others as they were touched as well.  

Once again, thank you for offering this wonderful service and the family at Innovation High School wishes everyone at Minding Your Mind a wonderful Holiday and generous and successful 2015!”

Nancy Ortiz
School Counselor

Annual Somerset Youth Council Conference
Thank you for your role in making the 18th Annual Somerset County Youth Council Conference, Survivor, a success. Approximately, 70 County teens engaged with their peers and fellow community members to build skills that will enable them to reach individual and community goals to be better citizens. Thank you for the time you clearly spent preparing for your workshop. Feedback showed that your interaction with the participants and overall workshop presentation was very good. We are grateful to have you as a partner in our efforts to better our Somerset County community.”

Sarah Murchison
Human Services Coordinator

Anderson School
“Dear Jackie,

Just a note to thank you for your visit to the Anderson School. The truth and honest approach of your presentation has made an impression on my students. I applaud your mission.”

Cecilia Quenzer, RN
School Nurse

Saints John Neumann and Maria Goretti Catholic High School
“The presentation was outstanding. Drew connected immediately with the students and had total command of the room. You could have heard a pin drop. There were many questions but more importantly many students stayed afterwards to speak with Drew one on one. In fact he is still here answering questions. His abilities to tell a story, deliver a message, and command a room far belie his young age. I cannot thank you enough for providing this speaker to us as the impact of bringing mental illness out into the open is so important to not only our students, but everyone!”

Bruce Robinson

Penncrest High School
“Jackie Ricciardi spoke to Penncrest HS 9th graders today.  We were lucky to have her here.  She did an incredible job recounting her life and encouraging students to get help before it’s too late.  She had a direct, gentle, casual, and inspirational way of speaking to our students.  She was engaging, and I could tell by looking around that she was getting through to them.  We hope to have her back again next year (or sooner).  Thanks to you and to all the others at Minding Your Mind who take the time to share their stories with students.”

Sarah Graham
9th Grade Counselor

Anonymous High School – Names Withheld to Protect Privacy
“I wanted to share with you a conversation I had with a student the day after Carl Antisell presented to the students of ______. 

This student had referred a friend to our program earlier in the school year for concerns over her substance use and suicidal ideations.  Due to the fact that the student was reported as being under the influence in school, we had to send her out for a urine drug screen, and she came back positive for opiates.  She lost a great deal of senior privileges and was very upset at her friend for reporting (we try to keep these things anonymous, however they usually do figure out who reported them). 

I have been working with the friend to help her through this, as it wasn’t just the one who got caught who was upset at her, but her other friends as well.  During Carl’s presentation, he said that friends should always look out for each other, and get their friends help if necessary.  He indicated that they may be upset with you, but at least they would still be here.  Well, this really made an impression on my student.  She said that it was very validating for her to hear, and that although her and I had discussed this several times (the fact that she did the right thing), hearing it from Carl really drove the point home.

In addition to that, the friend that she turned in apologized to her after Carl’s presentation, as did another one of their friends.

In this field, we often think that we are helping others and planting seeds, but we don’t necessarily see the impact of our work.  I hope this story helps Carl to see that he really does make an difference in the lives of the students he works with. Please pass this along to Carl with our thanks for his work here at _______. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Guidance Counselor

Center for Learning Charter School
“I just wanted to drop in and say thank you so much for supplying us with a wonderful guest speaker. Kristin was great and the students really enjoyed hearing her triumphant story. We appreciate it SO much! Thank you! “

Dayna Harrison

Avon Grove High School
“WOW!  Drew was outstanding.  What an impression he left on our entire secondary staff.  Our Assistant Superintendent came and was so impressed with his presentation that she is talking about implementing more steps into how our counselors and staff work with our students. 

I can’t thank you enough for working with us.  It may take a few weeks more for the checks to be processed, as schools have a few strands of red tape to go through for checks to be released.   We truly want to contribute to your organization.”

Angela Houghton
Assistant Principal

Upper Merion High School
“Drew and Billy were excellent in the way they presented a tough subject, depression, addiction and suicide.  Our students are now working on lessons following their presentations.”

Patricia Ehret
Health and Physical Education Teacher

Sharon Hill Middle School
“I just wanted to pass along our thanks to Jackie and the wonderful job she did presenting at Sharon Hill School. We hope to have you back again in the future.”

Taryn Conroy

Brielle Elementary School
“We wanted to thank you for coming to the Brielle Elementary School during Red Ribbon Week to share your story with our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. You did an excellent job bringing a serious issue to the level of our students. The message you bring and your delivery makes it relevant to our community. The presentation was informative and sent a powerful message.

The lecture was well received by our students and staff. Throughout the day, many faculty members told me that a presentation like the one given was long overdue and really made an impact on our students. We are extremely grateful for your recovery and your ability to share how you got to this point. Keep it up Billy.

Our Student Government had a recent pretzel sale and all proceeds were designated to making a donation to Minding Your Mind. Please accept this donation as an appreciation of your efforts. The Brielle Elementary School thanks you again.”

Beth O’Reilly

Bucks County Opiate Forum
“I have to tell you that Carl is an amazing person and a very talented facilitator, but you probably already know that!  He was such a pleasure to meet and work with.  His messages were just right on target, and he moved the day along seemingly effortlessly.  I have heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone I know who has worked with or heard Carl speak, and I can see why.”

Conference Coordinator

Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy
“Drew Bergman’s presentation last Monday at Barrack was informative, inspiring and meaningful.  Our students were so attentive and asked many thoughtful questions.  I heard from several students and staff that they thought Drew’s story was well told and it was well received.  Thank you, Drew and Minding Your Mind for all that you do to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues. “

Amy Grolnick
School Counselor

Access Services
“We have had the privilege of working with Minding Your Mind Speakers on several occasions.  They are incredibly impressive, well-spoken, and engaging.  Their stories are very powerful and moving.  Every time I hear them speak I see people touched by the story and moved profoundly.  What they do is very meaningful, and I’m so thankful that they are willing to share their lives and stories with us.”

Eric Smith
Director of Crisis Supports

First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School
“We are delighted to have Jordan visiting us; his presentation is truly is life changing and as a person you do not get much better than Jordan Burnham.”

Dr. Joseph E. Gillespie
CEO, K-12
High School Principal

Bucks County Technical High School
“Thanks Trish…Jordan was outstanding as always…even better than last year and he received a standing ovation, which coming from 16 year olds is VERY impressive. I’ll be in touch to schedule Jordan again for next year as soon as we start working on the calendar.”

Kevin Gentilcore
Supervisor of Pupil Services

Southern New Jersey Community Resources Fair
“Just wanted to let you know that Melissa and Francesca were both great yesterday. I also introduced them to several other School Based Directors and the Coordinator for the School Based Programs for the state. I think your organization is doing fantastic work and I want to help you get the word out…I’m sure I will be in touch in the future to utilize your speaking program again. Many thanks.”

Cathleen Morris, LCSW
Director AtlantiCare
Buena Teen and Youth Centers

University of Pennsylvania-Nursing School
“Jordan Burnham is an amazing speaker and an incredibly inspiring your man. My students very much enjoy his talk.   Can we work on having Jordan speak in a larger Penn venue? I think he can provide inspiration to more Penn students than the students who attend my class.”

Dr. Kathleen Brown
University of Pennsylvania – Nursing School

Penn’s Grove Middle School
“Melissa was amazing! She even came back and did an interview with our news anchor for our morning news program. We will be asking to have her back again next year! Many thanks!”

Rebecca J. Miller
Guidance Counselor

Garnet Valley High School
“Jordan was excellent. I heard nothing but positive comments from parents about the relevance of the topic to the students. We appreciate what you do in support of our schools. “

Joseph R. DiAntonio
Athletic Director

Chester County Child and Career Development Center
“I wanted to let you know that Jordan was a huge hit with our students and staff. The presentation was fantastic and he was very personable and took time with our students. I can’t thank both of you enough for this opportunity for our school. Please feel free to contact me if you need any sort of testimonial or good press. Thanks again.”

Brian McGinley
Guidance Counselor

Washington Township High School
“The presentation was great. The feedback from the students and staff was very good. Thank you for helping us educate our students. I would love to have you guys back again next year around the same time.   Thank you again.”

Jamie Oliver
Student Assistance Counselor

Wordsworth Academy
“The responses I received were wonderful! All staff felt that the presentation was appropriate for our students, and engaging (which can often be difficult for our population). They all expressed in interest in having you back in the future. I am going to ask if they would like to do another presentation this year, in the spring, and I will get back to you. Thanks so much!!“

Beth DeJong
School Counselor

Sandy Run Middle School
“I wanted to thank Francesca for taking the time out of her busy schedule to run such a great assembly for our 8th Grade students.   The SRMS Health and P.E. staff along with the 8th grade students were extremely impressed with the information Francesca presented. The power-point presentation, personal stories of Francesca’s life, the myth and fact game, and the letters written by the kids from previous assemblies were truly amazing and inspirational…I witnessed several students approach Francesca and share some of their personal stories and problems. That is what it is all about in my opinion…Once again, thank you for all of your help with the scheduling and for being so flexible in making this happen for our school. I would love for Francesca to visit our school every year if that is possible.“

Josh Adelman
SRMS Health and P.E.

Owen J. Roberts High School
“We received a lot of positive feedback from the students and staff about Melissa’s presentation. The students felt that they could relate to her experiences. We would love for her to return again next year…”

Cindy Gadzicki

Delaware County Technical High School-Aston Campus
“I received many positive responses back from both the faculty and students. For our population of students I wouldn’t change a thing! Her stories did click in some memories of the past for a few students who came to see me. We were able to work through it. If anything, it brought the topic to the forefront in our building because in the past we haven’t addressed it in an open forum. It was well received and very much so needed in our school. Thanks so much!“

Diane Rouse
School Counselor

Radnor Middle School
“…Please receive my sincere thanks for your time given and message shared not only with our parents but even more so with our students at both the middle school and the high school. As a guidance counselor, I saw the direct impact your message had on many of our students. Teachers reported that the students were still discussing aspects of your presentation in their advisory classrooms the next day. I observed rich discussions between teachers and students. I spoke with parents who told me their children (who never talk about school) came home and shared portions of your message with their parents. One student went home to his parents and shared that he was struggling with some emotional concerns and he stated that your message gave him the strength to bring up these concerns.

Several students stopped by my office and shared how your message helped them. I watched students approach you after the assembly and personally thank you for sharing your story. Much good has come from your visit. You and the Minding Your Mind Foundation are to be commended for bringing this critical message to community.

With a grateful heart and hope strong,”

Clyde Diehl
School Counselor

Friends Central Upper School
“The responses/feedback from our students was very favorable for having Francesca coming to FCS and sharing her story. We would love to have her back next year!”

Lisa Mansure

Pennsylvania School of Business
“We absolutely enjoyed having Francesca at PSB. She was not only informative, but was also able to connect with our students (faculty and staff) with her fantastic presentation. Her ability to share personal experiences truly struck a note with our community, and we sincerely appreciate her coming to share with us! She was able to connect with two specific individuals who came to me after and said she was incredibly helpful! You have a truly gifted individual in Francesca, and I am looking forward to having her back here in the coming year! “

Catrina Mast

Valley Forge Military Academy
“… I can tell you that many students have either referred to Jordan’s presentation during our sessions or have talked to their parents about it. His presentation was well done and well received by both the students and the staff…Thank you and Jordan for the great work you do!”

Amy Grolnick, LSW
Director, Counseling Center

The Walden School
“I thought the presentation went very well also! Francesca did a great job, and I think the fact that she is not that far off from their age made what she said more “believable” in a sense. The information she provided and the personal story she shares are age appropriate and necessary to learn… We would love for a presentation to be made to the parents.

Thanks to you and Francesca again!”

Elyse Kirkpatrick

Lansdale Catholic
“I thought the program went very well yesterday. Melissa did a wonderful job and I have been hearing nothing but great reports from teachers and students…Great job all around.”

Pete Balzano
Assistant Principal Student Services

Pottstown High School
“It was excellent!! I heard a lot of positive feedback …”

Bridget McGuigan RN, BSN, CSN
School Nurse
District Wellness Coordinator

Harriton High School
“Jordan was absolutely fantastic! We are most grateful to him and your organization for your efforts and outreach! Thank you very much.”

Stephanie Brett
School Counselor

Thomas Jefferson University
“…I cannot begin to express what a wonderful experience it was to have Jordan speak to our nursing students. We received nothing but positive feedback from the students and faculty who were in the audience.

We truly appreciate your help in coordinating this event for us. Minding Your Mind is a wonderful organization doing fabulous work towards helping change the stigma of mental illness.”

Katherine Lucatorto, MSN, RN
Thomas Jefferson School of Nursing

Buena High School, New Jersey
“…Melissa was fantastic and very accommodating. I was impressed by her bravery and passion to help others.

Following her presentation we received an overwhelming positive response from the health teachers. In addition, to date 3 students have come to the Teen Center reporting that listening to Melissa had prompted them to recognize that they are in need of help. All of these students were new clients to us and I don’t know that they would have come forward if not for Melissa. I fully intend to invite your program back next year when the Teen Center goes back into the health classes.

Lastly, I think that Melissa’s acceptance of her own struggle made it easier for students to identify with her and that it’s ok to ask for and take an active role in their own lives. Also, her internal and external self-explanation resonated with many students. I’ve overheard conversations in the Teen Center as well as heard students use these terms to describe how they are feeling in our group and individual counseling services. Kudos to her and your organization. If I can be of further help please let me know.”

Cathleen Morris, LCSW
Director AtlantiCare

Haverford High School
“I just wanted to you let you and those at Minding Your Mind how fantastic Melissa’s presentation was yesterday. Our 9th and 10th grade students were engaged, interested, and got involved (which is usually difficult for this age group)! I just wanted to thank you for sending Melissa to HHS and having her speak so poignantly and truthfully to our kids!”

Courtney Spinelli
Secretary to the HS Principal

“Jordan was great – the kids loved him…I know Jordan had their full attention, and what he said will stay with them. They may not use it right away, but I do believe it will have a positive impact on many of them. Thanks for providing us with two great assemblies – the kids reacted very positively to Melissa also. You have a great program.”

Barbara Blake, L.S.W.
Student Assistance Program Consultant

Academy Park High School and Harris School
“I have only positive feedback regarding Melissa’s presentation. From the start, she was easy to connect with and she carried this throughout her presentation. Working with the alternative school students can be challenging especially as when they are in a large group. I thought she did a great job of speaking on a level that they could relate to. “

Lindsay Hannigan
Social Worker

Chester County Youth Center
“It was wonderful to hear Jordan and Melissa share their stories. They have such a powerful message and a great way of reaching youth!! Thank you for all that you do at Minding your Mind!”

Kristine Hilferty
Social Worker

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