Student Programs


Changing Minds: Stories Over Stigma

Our professionally-trained young adult speakers provide educational programs built around lived experiences. By far our most requested offering, students hear stories of hope and recovery from young adult speakers who successfully and productively cope with their own mental health challenges.

Kind Minds

Creating awareness about mental wellness can begin in elementary school. This interactive presentation teaches children to increase their understanding of how their emotions impact their thoughts and behaviors. 

Kind Minds está disponible en español.

Kind Minds está disponível em português.

Finding Your Way to Mental Health & Resilience

Designed specifically for teams, groups, and clubs. Students and their adult leaders explore individual and collective struggles that can lead to mental health challenges, how to break stigma in a group environment, and transitioning to life after teams.


PEERspectives was created by Black and Queer Minding Your Mind speakers and employees to create a space where students are: SEEN. HEARD. CONNECTED. CELEBRATED.

"Our Turn to Talk" Movie & Discussion

Teenagers are putting an end to mental health stigma. To do it, they’re telling their own stories – from anxiety and depression to the impacts of racism, social media and the pandemic – in this documentary film. A clinical presenter hosts and leads a post-viewing Q&A.

Our Approach

Beginning in elementary school, we start the conversation. Through role-playing and interactive activities, we work with children to help them understand how others are feeling and how they can develop their own skills for regulating their emotions. In middle school, school-wide presentations, discussions, and group activities are key for promoting social connectedness and encouraging healthy self-care and help-seeking behaviors. Once students reach high school, we conduct assemblies in which we lead open and honest discussions about mental health, suicide, and other destructive behaviors. We talk to them about how to take action so they’re ready to both give and receive support.

“The students were riveted and there was a tremendous amount of very positive feedback from the students afterward.  They stayed for an hour and 15 minutes after the presentation, which was critical for some of our students to have their questions answered and to just, feel connected.”

— Barbara Boland, Student Assistance Program Coordinator

Let's take action together. Help us grow our impact and continue changing lives.

Like all the young people who’ve found support through Minding Your Mind, we too can’t do this without help. With a tax-deductible gift, you can help us share the message of mental wellness with more students and communities.

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