Kelly was raised in a wonderful and loving family, however, something never felt right. She didn’t feel a-part-of or good enough growing up. The people she was surrounded by supported her and loved her unconditionally, yet her mind told her otherwise. Her feelings felt so big and her thoughts felt so loud that she began to feel entirely alone. In an attempt to gain others’ love and acceptance, she strived for absolute perfection in all of her endeavors. However, this created anxiety and a deep fear of failure.

All this negative energy and self-talk eventually fueled Kelly’s attempt to achieve “the perfect body.” She quickly found herself in the midst of an active eating disorder. Her binging, purging, and obsession with how she appeared drove her to a place of despair. In an attempt to escape her eating disorder, she began using drugs and alcohol while in middle school. Her attempt at escape only led to more bondage, as she became physically dependent on these substances. Her drug use led her to abandon all of the activities and relationships that she once loved. After being arrested multiple times and having her freedom at stake, she made the brave decision to seek help by attending a drug and alcohol treatment facility. During this time, she learned how to cope with her substance use disorder, her negative relationship with her body, as well as the anxiety and fear of failure she had experienced growing up.

Thanks to the dedication she shows to her active and ongoing recovery, Kelly now lives a positive life full of travel and adventure. She hopes to help other young people cope positively with their internal thoughts, making sure they reflect the unconditional love that is in the world.

Kelly is based in Philadelphia, PA. Speaking engagements beyond 120 miles may require a fee for travel expenses.


Read what organizations have to say about Kelly:

“Kelly did a phenomenal job. She had the students’ attention from the minute she started to speak. You could have heard a pin drop in an auditorium of over 1,000 students and staff. Her message really resonated with a number of our students who were referencing it days later when coming in to talk to guidance counselors and in follow-up discussions with teachers. Students were able to relate to her description of how she felt and the pattern of behaviors that occurred over and over again, starting with just one thought. We loved having her here and would highly recommend her.” Lampeter-Strasburg High School (PA)

“Kelly is a very effective speaker. Her persona is one high school students can relate to. Kelly was able to convey her message in a meaningful manner and help students open their minds to seeing mental health beyond the stigma.” Oxford Area High School (PA)

“Kelly was AMAZING! We had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the students, teachers and administration about Kelly’s presentation and how her story left a positive message with students. We greatly are looking forward to (hopefully) having Kelly speak again next year at our school.” Northley Middle School (PA)