The YOU Chain

The YOU Chain

As a jewelry designer, I want those who wear my pieces to know their worth. I want them to know that day in and day out, THEY are loved, thus, I created the YOU chain. This chain reminds the wearer, upon looking into the mirror, that being the best version of oneself is possible. It also presents this to others who look at them, and see it, and once they explain the purpose, it will then urge them, too, to do the same. We are "driven in passion, grounded by purpose," the motto of CM, and one that we want others to implement into their every day lives. I #LivetoTell that YOU matter!
Chrissy Casiello

About the Artist

I am a jewelry designer, from a small five mile island, ready to make an impact on all those I come in contact with, beginning with exemplifying their worth to them.

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