The Woman

The Woman

"The Woman"

(Oil Pastel on Paper)

Over time it has occurred to me that there have been so many cases of woman abuse taking place in my country (Trinidad and Tobago) and around the region, I did this piece Titled "The Woman" as a representation of the true beauty that a woman possesses as well as the strength she has.
Damani Phillips

About the Artist

I firstly started off drawing at age six by doing little flowers and cartoon characters. Ever since, I always had that passion and would try new things and experiment with different mediums and techniques. If I may seem I’m not that versed in using paint I do more dry media but…in time I hope to embark on it. I find that art for me personally is like therapy; it’s calm and teaches you patience. Also, for me, it is a good way of letting out how you truly feel inside in a non-verbal way. I basically use art as a way to keep my mind active as well as to put out how I feel about something or someone. 

Art has a way of expressing one’s feelings about mental health through non-verbal expression. I #LivetoTell for those who are in a dark place in hopes that they can be more open with their feelings. 

Damani’s Instagram page: @damani_phillips_art_/

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