The Weight of Eyes

The Weight of Eyes

"The Weight of Eyes"

My mind falters,

I bleed, 

from my soul to my heart to my page I bleed. 

A thousand tongues at my disposal and yet none sufficient enough to break the silence.

I’m told that when words perpetuate anger one should turn to song and dance.

Yet a million Canaries could not chant every melancholy note in the chorus of my existence. 

Is the breath of the wild nothing more than the simple prose of life? 

Who am i then,

If not a template of insignificance.

Existential dread

The weight of eyes fixed upon my transgression,

I digress

For if I pursue this carriage of thought my mind is sure to falter.


"Writing has always been a great way for me to vent out things that I couldn't say out loud. When I wasn't capable of talking about my depression I did my best to channel the feelings I had to the page. The Weight of Eyes is a poem I wrote when I was going through a very difficult time, and now I hold it dear as a reminder that I got through it."
Tristan Mazurek

About the Author

My name is Tristan Mazurek, I’m an amateur poet who has been using poetry as coping method for years now. I just discovered Minding your Mind recently and it is a fantastic outlet for my poetry submissions. If reading poems helps even one person then I will forever continue to write.

I #LivetoTell that we’re all in this together.

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