The Me I Was Always Supposed to Be

The Me I Was Always Supposed to Be

There was a hunger inside of me, 

You think it was just for food,

But it was so much more.

This hunger was yearning to feel

Alive, important

Cared for


There was a disconnect inside of me,

From my sense of self,

My sense of safety

I didn’t know what it meant 

to feel a safe connection

To feel that security within myself


I didn’t trust myself

My body or my mind

This felt like the only way out

I had powerful emotions,

And I was ashamed to have to feel them.


I began to learn that healing was an option

And that it consisted of key points

Time, awareness, and practice.

I began to broaden my world

And those I allowed a place within it.

There is a light burning through me

That is reclaiming parts of myself 

That have felt hidden and rejected

There was a whole world kept from me,

A whole me kept from me


Sometimes I look in the mirror now

And I smile

I am becoming a friend to myself

And maybe, it’s not a new me-

Maybe it was the me I was always supposed to be.

Morgan Hannaleck

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