Take One Tablet Daily

Take One Tablet Daily

"Take One Tablet Daily"

This tiny orange bottle is the downfall and the uphill

It’s the mini medication monsoon

It’s the heart attack head ache heart break

Beating broadly on my back

Just like you

It keeps me balanced

Not like an acrobat on tightrope, fighting

Like a strong wind blowing trees



Then I forget it

I forget one, two, three

Tiny white tic tac time bomb

And that’s what I am

A bomb

Blood, terrors night

Me, terrors you

Who am I now

I forget my own tune

Tuesday’s traffic accident

Monday’s manic

Bedridden, am I


Sunday, I am human

Flesh, blood, bones and beating heart

I am not a byproduct of depression

I am not a byproduct of disaster

I am full and whole and writing

I am floating on my back in the river by mom’s house

I remembered the tiny “take one tablet daily”


I am not depressed

"I've suffered from Major Depressive Disorder ever since I was a small child, and in addition to that, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, when I was in my 20s. My writing always has a lot to do with mental health because it's a big part of my story. I wrote this particular poem while I was in nursing school. I was learning about mental health while going through the hardest trial of mental health episodes I'd ever experienced. That's where "Take One Tablet Daily" came from."
Justyce Regular

About the Author

I’m Justyce Regular. I am a full time writer and blogger. My blog focuses a lot on mental health, lifestyle, books and writing. I was diagnosed in 2020 with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome which put me off work, I was a Nursing Student and Personal Support Worker, but writing was always my number one passion. I started vibesbyj.ca, as I was coming out of the worst mental and physical health crisis I’d ever experienced. Just know that you are not alone and you can overcome this.

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