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“Shame” is a relatable piece of original artwork by me, from 2015. I painted it in a time when I felt out of place and struggled to find my way in life. I felt alone and I felt down. Some people I considered friends have abandoned me, and I needed to get up and get out there with a different mindset. Since then I have moved onto happier times, but it remains a memory, a piece of my past many seem to relate to, a feeling many know all too well. Despite the dark cloud above our head, I like to point out that hope can be found in the most difficult times, such as the little flowers growing out of the soil. Even if we feel hopeless and weighed down, we can still find something to hold on to! I would like to encourage everyone with mental health issues to find some creative outlet to express what they are going through—whether it be painting, drawing, writing, or music. I #LivetoTell that in the end, everything will be OK, and that one should never let go of their dreams but work hard and relentlessly towards them; that it is a wonderful thing to connect with others through art and find joy and inspiration in each other’s works.
Eszter Anna Vörös

About the Artist

I am a self-taught painter from Hungary. I live in a city near the capital, Budapest. I have been painting since 2014; my very first work was inspired by a surreal dream. I mostly work with acrylic paint on canvas, wood, and even denim. My favourite topics are nature, animals, emotions, and the relationship between people, people and nature, or people and animals. I am very blessed and lucky that I got the opportunity to open an art gallery/studio in my hometown in 2018. Through my art, I have also built up and strengthened myself as a person and learned a lot about who I am.

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