Not in the Way You Can

Not in the Way You Can

This video reflects various walks of life coming together to pass on that someone’s “why” is being themselves and that is what this world needs. Mental health is exercised in many ways: it’s a moment of silence to reflect and come into self gratitude and appreciation, participating in therapy, using art and movement to release, continuing to learn about the many facets of the mind, our emotions, how it all connects, and so much more. This is our way of encouraging others to see themselves exactly as they are as a celebration of both being “You” and knowing that “It’s Gonna Be Okay.”  

We want you to know you are seen, heard, appreciated, and invaluable. We send our unconditional love. We all have a story to tell. This is how ours become one… We are creative beings with open hearts and passions to share. We didn’t all know each other right away but we understand why we do. Through the connections that linked us with heart, dreams and an authentic desire to share the truths we’ve individually experienced in a way that brought a message together, we stand by what drives us. Thank you for your time. Thank you for being you.


Holly Snow, Chrissy Casiello, Katya Simonsen, Kellie Hoagland, Paula Tramutolo, and Jessica Donahue 

What do you #LivetoTell?

For the Strong Ones: You harvested grace in every season of life, and maybe that’s why you feel like you’re breaking now. You have remained so kind in the most destructive of storms. You have been giving your all for far too long and have received nothing in return. I hope you find light even in your darkest moments. Good things are coming… keep believing, keep dreaming, and keep fighting. You matter.

When you look in the mirror, YOU look back. You see You. You are the only one who can be the best version of yourself, so work for it. Remind yourself daily that YOU can do this. You can be the mirror. and remind them that they can do it too.

For me, creating art is one of the only true ways to accurately describe and explain my emotions. When I cannot fathom the way my mind is working or vocalize my abstract feelings, art is always a solid outlet for putting things into perspective and uncovering the raw emotion we feel deep down inside.

Movement awakens my awareness to the infinite possibilities that are constantly at our fingertips every second of each day. With that thought alone my mental well-being can breathe in the now and arrive in a fully present state to each of those possibilities unfolding.

Dance, I love you! You were and are my first passion in life. You are my therapy for when I’m feeling down or up.

Creating art in unity with others to send messages of hope, motivation, and inspiration is my why. We are stronger together, but it starts with loving ourselves. Coming back to myself by both honoring the time I take for me, daily, and tapping into the things that uplift my soul the most is the difference. You have the power within each moment to choose how you will live. You’ve got this, we’ve got this! You are not alone. To anyone reading this know that you are loved, held, supported, seen, heard, needed, and celebrated. With love.

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