"Something Is Going On"

(Mixed Media)


(Mixed Media)

"Blue Opium"

(Oil on Canvas)


(Ink on Canvas)

I was diagnosed having borderline disorder, which is due to early childhood trauma (sexual abuse), that led to survivor behavior, addiction, depression, anxiety, and many mores - my life as been a roller coasters of thoughts and emotions - I put impulsively my emotions, my chaos first into a canvas that after I'm refining the piece trying to find balance and composition in the painting- this process helps me find, acknowledge, and recognize feelings that have been lurking in my subconscious- it's a present-moment process and very therapeutic for my condition - creating is not a choice it's a strong voice that needs to let go.
Marilou Prieur

About the Artist

Native of Quebec, Canada, Marilou Prieur (leelou) is a self-taught artist. From a young age she won most of the drawing contests at school; creativity and imagination are her strengths. As a teenager she create hand-made jewelry out of fimo paste. Her designs are bold and unique and are sold around the province. She also experiments with different media, such as pottery, stained glass, felting (arts textiles), and sewing. She traveled bohemianly around the globe (India, Nepal, Thailand, Central America, Peru, Morocco) selling her jewelry, doing hair wraps, henna tattoos, and drawing cards. She took a makeup course and did body paintings in festivals, airbrush tattoos, makeup for festivals, etc. No matter what she was doing, she was always painting on the side, she always paints, selling some pieces once in a while  or a commission or exhibition in Montreal. Find her on Facebook at leelou paintings

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