JM Asker

JM Asker


(Mixed Media on Cardboard)

"Girl, Get Out of the Tub"

(Mixed Media on Cardboard)

"Baby, Please Get Up"

(Mixed Media on Handmade Paper)

The paintings shown are self portraits of myself and my fellow artist, muse, and life partner. We both suffer from mental health issues and these are a small portion of my work that highlights that.
J M Asker

About the Artist

Born in Texas, raised in California, and now living in the United Kingdom as a self taught artist, J M Asker specializes in portraiture painting and has had a long-held obsession with the workings of humanity and how we as humans process emotions. Life is about stories. The stories we are told, the stories we read, and the stories we tell other people. She captures the stories that shape her life in intimate and eclectic works, giving the viewer a rare glimpse into the artist’s inner circle and mind. Art isn’t about capturing beautifully exquisite things, it’s about who we are, what happened to us, and the people we became because of it. For J M Asker, creating art is an obligation, and because of that she creates art that is a highly personal reflection of herself. She works primarily in acrylic, acrylic ink, and watercolor, often on surfaces that have been discarded, showing that even the most damaged things can be beautiful. 

I #LivetoTell my story and my view of the world. People forget the world is a huge place, full of people and each one of those people is the star in their own movie. I want to tell those stories. I #LivetoTell them.

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