It’s You

It’s You

"It's You"

(Pen and Ink)

I am Assma ul Husna, from Pakistan. I am a 19 year old self-taught artist. I was born with a condition known as cleft lip and palate due to which I have been bullied most of my life. That has made me suicidal at a lot of points in my life. I felt like taking away my life would help me get rid of the mental torture people were making me go through by not accepting me or the way looked. I started finding peace in my artwork. It helped me cope with my anxiety and depression; it made me realise that it's you. It's you with whom you are going to the grave with, it's only you who is there for you, it's you who picks you up every time you fall, it's you who is proud of your little achievements. It's you who knows the struggle of surviving what you have been through. Then why do you take yourself for granted? Why do you let others affect your inner you, why do you let others affect you? Life will get a lot easier when you learn to accept who you are, no one will be there for you but your own self. This randomly came across my mind and I decided to portray it in this art piece of mine. Check out my instagram page @assmamaxhar.
Assma ul Husna Mazhar

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