Happily Depressed

Happily Depressed

"Happily Depressed"

I have lost my battle against depression

And no one has the audacity to tell me that

Pain makes me grow

That I will eventually heal

Cause I already know

That I am surrounded by an air of melancholy

And nothing’s going to work out ever  

My efforts will all be wasted

I’m not convinced into believing that

Against all the odds

Someone is always there for me

It’s not exactly true

Part of me knows that I’m a loser

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"My hope is you'll be able to both relate and heal while you read my poem. I #LiveToTell my story in hopes that it inspires people around me to keep moving forward and to know that human resilience is beautiful."
Hoor Abdul Ghani

About the Author

I’m Hoor Abdul Ghani from Pakistan, I’m an engineer by profession, and writing is what I love doing the most. I’ve always tried to heal people through my words and I’m always there to lend them a listening ear. For, I believe depression is no banter and it needs to be addressed openly. There’s a strong stigma attached to mental illness and it’s time we come forward and talk about it and give others a space to grow and heal. I also run my poetry account on instagram which goes by the name @hooragwrites.

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