Amity of the Mind

Amity of the Mind

"Amity of the Mind"

(Acrylic on Canvas)

The story behind this piece is the troubled mind and the different parts of you working together to overcome obstacles even if others do not recognize them as being real, just like the girl in the picture behind them. The man to the right is the most detailed and is in the light which depicts a good state of mind, but the further you move to the left the more the man becomes unraveled as he moves to the darkness, depicting any negative mental state like anxiety or depression. All the parts of the painting work together to create one strong message about mental health just like all the parts of you work together to create one amazing unique being.
Megan Hill

About the Artist

I am a 21 year old acrylic and pencil artist from South Africa. While pursuing my art I am also a psychology, physiology, and genetics student, so I hold mental health very dear to my heart. I have struggled with mental health issues since an early age and have yet to receive a proper diagnosis. I use my art as a way to silence the chaos in my mind, even if it is just for a moment, and I hope to help others in the same way.

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