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Our Minds Matter School Clubs – Minding Your Mind

What We Do

Our Minds Matter School Clubs

Our Minds Matter School Clubs

Part of Minding Your Mind’s objective is to provide the resources and assistance for schools to start clubs that allow students to normalize the discussion of mental health and reduce stigma in their school communities. In 2018, Minding Your Mind partnered with the Josh Anderson Foundation to do just that.

Our Minds Matter School Clubs

The Josh Anderson Foundation developed a student-led club model called Our Minds Matter (OMM). OMM was designed to help students change their school culture around mental health through fun and accessible group activities on important mental health topics. We are happy to announce that this partnership will allow schools affiliated with Minding Your Mind to start an Our Minds Matter Club!

An Our Minds Matter Club furthers discussion and reduces stigma through group activities and school-wide promotion. The three main goals of each club are:

  • focusing on increasing help-seeking behavior
  • promoting social connectedness
  • encouraging healthy self-care and behavior

Minding Your Mind provides:

  • Resources for three student-led activities, each month, from October-June
  • Consistent communication and support to help your club throughout the school year
  • 150 Minding Your Mind wristbands
  • An Our Minds Matter Comprehensive Club Handbook
  • One free school presentation from our director of student engagement, Jordan Burnham

How to Start an Our Minds Matter Club

School Requirements:

  • Have 2-3 staff advisers
  • Identify at least 2-3 student leaders

Jordan Burnham

Minding Your Mind Contact

For questions, please contact Jordan Burnham, director of student engagement, at jordan@mindingyourmind.org.

Our Minds Matter Club Activities and Events:

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