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Our mindfulness training can be brought to a school or workplace to create an environment that promotes productivity, reduces stress and anxiety, and teaches the value of focus and resilience. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to and relating with what is happening around us, moment by moment. While the practice may sound simple, its effect can be profound.

WHO: For teachers and educators in schools, for all employees in the workplace.

WHEN: This program can be scheduled at any time. We recommend a minimum of XX minutes be allotted for a session.

WHAT: Taught by one of our expert mindfulness facilitators, this program can be scheduled in three ways: as a single session that introduces the benefits of mindfulness and teaches individuals specific practices; as a four-part series that focuses on additional practices and strategies for incorporating those into a classroom or workplace; or as a customized plan to meet and complement the unique needs of your organization.

WHY: Mindfulness shifts how we relate with our experience, encouraging us to bring a curious, nonjudgmental attitude to each moment and each situation. This openness encourages creative problem solving, resiliency, perspective taking, and promotes positive engagement. What’s more, mindfulness is a simple, practical, but powerful technique for recognizing and relieving stress and promoting work/life balance.
Research shows when individuals practice mindfulness regularly:

  • Academic performance improves
  • They are better able to focus attention and think creatively
  • They display more self-awareness, prosocial behaviors (kindness, empathy), and altruism
  • They report reduced stress, anxiety, and emotional reactivity
  • They are able to recognize, relate with, and manage difficult emotions constructively
  • They have fewer sick days
  • Productivity increases

Incorporating mindfulness instruction into your curriculum or your workplace wellness program can lead to benefits to not only the individuals who participate but the entire organization as well.

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