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Sarika grew up trying to please those around her in order to feel worthy. Even after being diagnosed with major depression and anxiety, she continued to keep her true feelings hidden and find approval through others' opinions. Sarika's attempts to maintain a perfect image ultimately led to self harm and a suicide attempt. Therapy helped her discover the power of understanding and working through her emotions, rather than pushing them away. Sarika hopes to inspire others to accept themselves for who they are and to appreciate each and every quality they possess, regardless of social norms. She wants to motivate those who are struggling to seek help, and to empower listeners to become the sole master of their own minds.


Significant childhood trauma and not understanding how to manage what she was feeling, Kristen turned to substance misuse and self-harm to mask the pain. After going to treatment and learning how to replace her negative coping skills with positive ones, Kristen proves it’s never too late or too early to get the help you need.


A loving family and excelling as a student and athlete still didn’t quiet Kelly’s anxiety and deep fear of failure. These conflicting messages led to an eating disorder and substance misuse, eventually pushing Kelly to seek treatment, allowing her to now live a positive life full of travel and adventure.


Hiding his anxiety and depression behind a mask of “the kid who has it all,” Jordan turned to drinking to cope and eventually attempted to take his life. Today, Jordan is a messenger of hope who teaches that although we can’t choose the things that happen to us, we CAN choose how we cope with them.


The pressure felt by the daughter of ethnic cultures striving to be the “all-American girl” coupled with a family history of mental illness and traumatic events had Katya experience depression, anxiety, and negative coping. Now healthy and accepting of herself, Katya empowers others to become the same.


From a young age, Evan thought his panic attacks and feelings of anxiety were just part of his personality. He developed depression that led to substance abuse and angry outbursts, until an “ah-ha” moment led him to recovery and a passion for functional health care, combining lifestyle changes with traditional treatments.


Difficult experiences in high school turned this student-athlete to feeling worthless and mentally abusing himself. Scott turned his world around by harnessing the power of positive self-talk and incorporating positivity into his life, now helping others discover that thoughts are just as important as actions.


Hiding her anxiety and depression by being an over-achiever and high-performing athlete throughout her school years, Emma was freed from the weight inside her when diagnosed with bipolar disorder and becoming a champion of self-advocacy.


His perfect life and go-with-the-flow attitude in high school did not follow him to college, where Lucas developed depression that became so severe he couldn’t eat. Recovery inspired him to help other teens having the same experience, letting them know there is always hope, and that there is a wonderful life on the other side of depression.


Struggling with her body image and depression in high school led Deanna to self-harm and develop an eating disorder, as well as a suicide attempt. Entering treatment and finding she was not alone helped her recover and become an advocate.


As a student-athlete experiencing depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation, Andrew was able to find recovery through psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and positive coping skills.

Our Clinicians

Guy J. Iacono, LCSW

Guy J. Iacono, LCSW

Mollye Readinger-Scott, MA
Suzelle Marques, MA, LPC

Suzelle Marques, MA, LPC

Melissa Harrison, MA, LPC
Sheila Gillin, LCSW

Sheila Gillin, LCSW


Our Mindfulness Presenters

Kristin Page, MS, E-RYT

Kristin Page, MS, E-RYT


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