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Michelle Drolsbaugh
Phone: (857) 244-0449
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New England Office
60 Austin Street, Suite #305
Newtonville, MA 02460

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Elizabeth thought her purpose in live was to be perfect, even when underneath that appearance she felt pain. These unrealistic expectations led her to destructive behaviors and suicide ideation. Today, through therapy, grounding techniques, yoga, and her loving family, she brings balance to her life and recovery.


Hiding his anxiety and depression behind a mask of “the kid who has it all,” Jordan turned to drinking to cope and eventually attempted to take his life. Today, Jordan is a messenger of hope who teaches that although we can’t choose the things that happen to us, we CAN choose how we cope with them.


Joey’s ethnic and sexual identity led him to fear disapproval from his family and everyone in his life. This internal struggle led to depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, anxiety, and panic-attacks. Through therapy, Joey found recovery and happiness with himself and his life.


The trauma she experienced at a young age led Jenna to develop anxiety, which she coped with through perfectionism without ever seeing her own self-worth. Committed to treatment and ongoing therapy, she not only survived but now thrives.


Growing up always having to present a happy face, yet living with self-doubt, guilt, and an intense fear of abandonment, Brooke coped by self-harming and substance misuse. After receiving multiple mental health diagnoses, included anxiety, bipolar, and body dysmorphia disorder, Brooke’s recovery led to self-love, consistency, and knowing she is always worthwhile.


Difficult experiences in high school turned this student-athlete to feeling worthless and mentally abusing himself. Scott turned his world around by harnessing the power of positive self-talk and incorporating positivity into his life, now helping others discover that thoughts are just as important as actions.


As a student-athlete experiencing depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation, Andrew was able to find recovery through psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and positive coping skills.

Our Clinicians

Emma Roderick, LICSW

Jon Mattleman, MS Counseling

Our Mindfulness Presenters

Linda Price, M.Ed., CAGS, E-RYT
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