Jon grew up in a home of high-achievers. Jon The expectations set by his parents and the competition between his siblings eventually began to take a toll on Jon’s self-image. In middle school, Jon began to experience anxiety that prevented him from being able to achieve not only the goals set for him by his family, but his own. His attempts to avoid the stress brought on by his anxiety drove him to adopt negative coping skills, which set him on a path of self-destruction. In high school, Jon’s use of drugs and alcohol culminated in a night where he almost lost his life. The depth of pain he experienced caused him to finally reach out for the support he needed.

After turning to his family for help, and receiving their encouragement, Jon was able to find healthy coping skills that he still uses today to manage his anxiety. Now a certified yoga instructor, Jon teaches others how yoga, mindfulness, and exercise can help overcome stress, anxiety, and depression.

Jon is based in Philadelphia, PA. Speaking engagements beyond 120 miles may require a fee for travel expenses.