More Than Sad

More Than Sad: Suicide Prevention Education for Teachers and Other School Personnel teaches those who work in the schools about teen suicide and how they can help to prevent it.

The program has been designed to comply with the requirements for teacher education in many states; the program can also be used as part of the ongoing in-service training related to student mental health.

Identify Risk Factors and More

More Than Sad: Preventing Teen Suicide addresses risk factors and imminent signs of suicide. The clear, meaningful content, including interviews with teachers, is very relevant for the personal and environmental issues that our students face today.

I highly recommend this excellent resource for schools.
—Dr. Patti Harrison, president, National Association of School Psychologists.

The goals of this educational program are to increase the understanding of the problem of youth suicide, the risk factors that can lead to suicide and the treatment and prevention of suicidal behavior in adolescence. The program seeks to increase the knowledge of the warning signs of youth suicide, so that teachers and other adults who work with teens are better prepared to identify and refer students who may be at risk.