Introduction to Mindfulness:  Planting Seeds of Well-Being

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to what is happening around us, moment to moment. Mindfulness helps children by teaching them how to manage their emotions, decrease stress and anxiety, and redirect their energy in a positive way. Individuals who practice mindfulness often find it helps facilitate focus and attention. Imagine a classroom full of students who have these skills and understanding – what a calm environment and better place for learning!

A growing body of research and neurosciences shows many benefits of mindfulness:

  • better focus and concentration
  • increased sense of calm
  • decreased stress and anxiety
  • enhanced physical and mental health
  • improved impulse control
  • increased emotional regulation
  • enhanced empathy and understanding of others
  • development of natural conflict resolution skills

Minding Your Mind’s Introduction to Mindfulness program consists of three main presentations with the option to plan for and implement additional programming. The three standard presentations are:

Staff Education 1 – Introduction to Mindfulness

One-hour presentation (school community parent leadership may be invited). The Instructor will cover the following topics:

  • Instructor’s personal journey to Mindfulness
  • The history of Mindfulness
  • How research supports the benefits of Mindfulness in education and well- being
  • Examine Mindfulness through the lens of neuroscience and learning
  • Educate and instruct group on basic formal and informal practices
  • Connect Mindfulness with SEL competencies (Social and Emotional Learning)
  • Discuss Mindfulness for PLCs (Professional Learning Communities)

Core Teacher Education 1 – Introduction to Mindfulness

A 90-minute presentation with practice exercises. Session should occur within two weeks of Staff Education 1. The Instructor will cover the following topics:

  • The importance of developing a personal practice on your own and WITH your students
  • How to introduce concepts from Staff Education 1 into the classroom
  • Answer the questions of when, where, and how to implement Mindfulness
  • Sample practices (tiny moments with your students)
  • Sample beginning practice script
  • Effective frequency and duration of practice based on age level.
  • Reinforce the idea that Mindfulness is a positive coping mechanism (healthy habit of the mind) not a discipline strategy or a religious practice

The teachers will receive tools and resources to continue to develop their personal and classroom practices.

Core Teacher Education 2 – More Mindfulness for You and Your Classroom

A 90-minute presentation with practice exercises and classroom ideas. Session should occur within 1-2 months of Core Teacher Education 1. The Instructor will cover the following topics:

  • Process how practice has been going both personally and professionally
  • What has been working, what hasn’t been working
  • Practice new Mindfulness exercises for personal and professional use
  • Reinforce language usage around Mindfulness instruction
  • Develop an authentic Mindfulness Plan for your teachers and school community
  • Next best steps and direction for core teachers
  • Provide additional resources to support practice and teaching

Cost for Introduction to Mindfulness program:  $750


Additional Programming

Minding Your Mind can support you as you continue to cultivate a Mindful School Community. Two optional programs can be added* to supplement the standard Mindfulness Program:

Mindfulness Team

Once a core group of teachers have completed Core Teacher Education 1 & 2, additional workshops may be developed to support the core group as needed.

Coping with Teacher Stress

Teachers will learn about stress and how it impacts their ability to stay focused on workload, connect with students, and deliver lesson plans.  This seminar is more about stress reduction, self-care, and well-being.  Mindfulness will be introduced and practiced to give teachers an understanding of the benefits and techniques.

*additional fee required and will be based on identified needs and requested activity. Please contact Kristin Page, program facilitator, to discuss the options that will work best for your organization.


Meet Our Mindfulness Instructors

The mindfulness instructors of Minding Your Mind are trained by well-respected organizations and individuals, including: Mindful Schools, the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program, and Learning to Breathe with Patricia Broderick, Ph.D. All of our mindfulness instructors are required to have a well-established mindfulness practice and bring their own unique experience and style to our programs. Meet our team and read more about them here.

To schedule a program for your organization, please use our Book A Speaker form.