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Kind Minds: Emotions, Kindness & Empathy for Children

Creating awareness about mental wellness can begin in elementary school. This interactive presentation teaches children how to identify their emotions, engage in kind acts, and build empathy, increasing their understanding of how their emotions impact their thoughts and behaviors.


Children in classes from kindergarten to 4th grade (ages 4-10).


This is a classroom-based program, taking place during the school day.


Students will learn to recognize, identify, and express emotions in age appropriate ways.  Kind Minds shows children how to engage in kind acts through discussions, role plays, and interactive activities.  The primary goal of Kind Minds is to cultivate positive reactions while providing children with the tools they need to create meaningful connections, leading to consistent emotional wellness.

After completion of a Kind Minds program:

  • children will learn how to identify and regulate their emotions.
  • children will display kind responses and positive behaviors to peers.
  • children will enhance their self-esteem through meaningful connections.


Through participation in Kind Minds, children will increase their capacity to regulate their emotions and understand how others are feeling. As with all developmental skills, building empathy and kindness requires consistent practice for these skills to become ingrained behavior for children. By engaging in role play and interactive activities aimed to increase empathy, they are able to build invaluable life skills. Research has shown that when children engage in kind and empathetic behaviors:

  • academic performance improves.
  • they have better communication skills.
  • there is an increased ability to concentrate in a classroom setting.
  • they have a lower likelihood of bullying.
  • they develop stronger and more meaningful relationships.
  • they report having higher self-esteem.
  • aggressive behaviors and emotional disorders decrease.
  • understanding and tolerance of others’ beliefs and opinions increase.

Kind Minds is inspired by the mission of the Be Kind. Always. Foundation. Founded by siblings Timothy and Jessica Griffin to honor their younger brother, Stephen, who lost his life to depression, the Be Kind. Always Foundation promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention by spreading Stephen’s message of kindness and humility.

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“Jordan was outstanding! The immediate standing ovation says it all! He was able to openly speak on a topic that many see as taboo.”

“Provided a presentation that was beyond my highest expectations. I will be inviting Jon back for a parent night. Excellent!“

“As always, MYM presented professional, powerful, and intriguing information. Sheila and Andrew provided MMA parents with both knowledge of warning signs and hope for awareness and recovery. Thank you!“

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