Community Mental Health Forum

MYM has held free community forums in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month.  The forums were designed to diminish stigma while increasing public awareness of the prevalence and impact of mental health issues and illness and recovery on individuals, families and the community. Here are some of our previous speakers and topics:

2016 – No More Running: Living with Social Anxiety Disorder
Ricky Williams had a collegiate football career full of records, awards, and the highest expectations for a stellar professional career. But once he made it to the NFL in 1999, everything changed for him. In 2004, when he was the league-leading rusher, Ricky abruptly retired from professional football. His time away from the NFL led to a diagnosis of social anxiety and a life-altering awareness. Since 2004, Ricky has been devoted to understanding, integrating, and deepening his journey both inward and out.

2015 – Breaking the Silence: Fighting Off Stigma
Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, columnist, bestselling author and television commentator, Dr. Gail Saltz discusses the overwhleming stigma and false beliefs surrounding individuals suffering from mental health disorders. Minding Your Mind speaker, Carl Antisell, shares his real life experience battling severe anxiety and how it lead him to substance abuse.

2014 – Suicide is Unacceptable
Since his 15 year-old son died by suicide, former NFL Quarterback for the Detroit Lions, Eric Hipple, devotes his life to raising awareness and breaking down the stigma associated with depressive illnesses. Minding Your Mind speaker, Jordan Burnham details his battle with depression, his miraculous survival from his attempt to take his own life, and his journey to recovery.

2013 – No More Secrets
Mariel Hemingway, Academy Award nominee, granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway and author, shares her family’s journey from suicide to wellness and balance. Minding Your Mind speaker, Francesca Pileggi presents hundreds of teen responses to the question “If we actually knew you, what would we know?” providing tremendous insight into the secret struggles of today’s teens.

2012 – Silence is Not an Option
Christopher Kennedy Lawford chronicles his life and recovery from alcohol addiction and David Brent MD presents “Can Adolescent Suicide Be Prevented.” Mr. Lawford is a Public Advocacy Consultant for Caron Treatment Centers and an author. Dr. Brent is the Endowed Chair in Suicide Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Mysteries of the Mind WordTheatre
New York WordTheatre’s presents the original performance piece, Mysteries of the Mind. Melissa Anne Hopely of Minding Your Mind discusses her struggles growing up with anxiety and OCD.

2011 – Come Back: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey Through Hell and Back
Claire and Mia Fontaine are co-authors of Come Back: A Mother & Daughter’s Journey Through Hell & Back, the true account of a teenage girl’s dizzying, drug-fueled descent into society’s underbelly, and a mother’s desperate and ultimately successful attempts to bring her back. Jordan Burnham attempted to take his own life by jumping from a 9th story window, and now shares his story of recovery. Earl and Georgette Burnham share insights for parents about communication and mental health.

2010 – For One Night The Walls Come Down
Presenters for the evening: Kitty Dukakis, author of Now You Know Shock, Pete Earley, author of Crazy: A Fathers Search Through Mental Health Madness and Joe Pantoliano, actor, founder of No Kidding, You Too?, and author of Who’s Sorry Now: The True Story of a Stand Up Guy.

2009 – Masking Our Problems: Addiction, Depression, Suicide
John Kevin Hines discusses his attempted suicide jump from the Golden Gate Bridge. Rabbi Abraham Twerski, MD, founder of the Gateway Rehabilitation Centers, is also featured.

2008 – Breaking The Silence
Presenters: Gail Griffith, author of Wills Choice, A Suicidal Teen, a Desperate Mom & a Chance for Recovery, Alison Malmon, founder Active Minds on Campus and Ross Szabo author of Behind Happy Faces. Moderated by Wade Berrettini, MD, PhD.