We Can All Do Something, by Carolyn

I just wanted to sincerely thank you again for visiting our school. I promise to use this momentum you have given me to make even more positive changes for my school. I’ve done several things this past year with mental health:

  • I found a curriculum created in Canada called “Mental Health and High School Curriculum Guide”. The process of implementing the curriculum was long, and I went through it mostly alone besides asking for advice from my school psychologist. I was in contact with a board member of the curriculum asking questions and forming a proposal when I pitched the idea to my principal. I annotated the entire guide, which was 167 pages, but all on topics I’m familiar with. We had a few meetings and through collaborating with the health teacher, the psychologist, and principal, we were able to seamlessly fit the 12-module lesson plan in our curriculum. So far the class has been going good, I’ll be able to sit in on the class next week and I hear students are actively participating!
  • I found Minding Your Mind and decided you needed to come to our school. I went through a similar process on researching, writing proposals, and having meetings until we were finally able to book a presentation.
  • I have more plans for the future, I need to find ways to fundraise because I have been told that my plans could cost money. Since May is Mental Health Month, I want to have events and really educate the people in my school.
Throughout this year I have found my passion in life, I never expected to be where I am now. Things were a lot different and much darker over the summer with my mental issues. Keep doing what you’re doing, man.