Timmy grew up in a loving, caring household with parents that did everything they could to teach him to be a good and productive part of society. In high school, like many students that age, Timmy was exposed to drugs and alcohol and invited to partake in and out of school. Resisting this was a priority for him, until he eventually succumbed to the peer pressure and participated in use with some of his classmates. In Timmy’s words, over the next year he went from being a participant to an initiator. By the end of his senior year of high school, he was deep in dependency but unable to recognize or see it. He made drinking and drugging a clear priority, and it ended up driving his decision-making.

In 2013, Timmy was captain of his school’s nationally-ranked lacrosse team and graduated high school with a world of opportunity ahead of him. What he didn’t expect was the reality that came crashing down on him because of his drug and alcohol use: his quick arrest as being involved in a drug distribution conspiracy that the media dubbed, “The Main Line Takeover Project.”

After his arrest, Timmy went to treatment for his substance dependency. While there, he learned how difficult achieving long term sobriety was going to be, yet he made a decision to fully commit. He took responsibility for his choices and actions and made recovery the number one priority in his life. The fear of a multi-year prison sentence motivated Timmy to do the things people who struggle with addiction often don’t do: he attended multiple recovery-based meetings daily; he was brutally honest about his erratic emotions and thoughts; he leaned on people he respected and admired in recovery to get him through hard days. He went to his sentencing hearing 11 months sober, and a person who liked and wanted to continue to live sober.

He was sentenced to and served seven-and-a-half months in jail. Upon his release, he enrolled in Cabrini University. Four years later, as captain of the Cabrini Cavaliers lacrosse team, they accomplished the ultimate goal of winning a collegiate national championship. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in business management.

Today, Timmy shares with others the lessons he learned along his journey, hoping to inspire others to make good choices when faced with temptations, and that recovery is not only possible, but can lead you back to making your dreams become your reality.

Timmy is based in Philadelphia, PA. In-person speaking engagements beyond 120 miles may require a fee for travel expenses..

Meet Timmy

“Timmy was a wonderful speaker for my 10th grade Health Class. His story is powerful and brought on a lot of discussion and questions in later classes. ”

– Renaissance Academy Charter School (PA)

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