COVID Cancellations

Did you have events that were important to you that had to be postponed or cancelled as a result of the restrictions put in place due to COVID-19? You are not alone. Hear from some of our Young Adult Speakers as they share their experiences of disappointment and loss, and how they are working their way through it.

Managing Stress COVID 19

Does your life during COVID-19 have you experiencing stress or other feelings that are difficult to manage? You are not alone. Hear from some of our Young Adult Speakers and then do a mindfulness exercise with Brandon Everett.

Coping Through COVID

Our latest On Our Minds video is out! It’s called “Coping Through Covid.” Because our Young Adult Speakers have learned ways to process stress and distress by living through a mental health crisis, they have a unique perspective on managing difficult thoughts and feelings that arise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here they share their experiences and knowledge with the hope of helping others.

Your Emotional Tank

When little things turn into big things…those BIG feelings you’re having? Or someone in your household is having (maybe at you)? You are not alone in having them. In this video, Minding Your Mind’s Melissa Harrison, co-founder of Center for Hope & Health, LLC, talks about your “emotional tank” and what is happening with it during times of quarantine and social distancing.
This clip is from our presentation, “COVID-19 & Our Mental Health: Managing Mental Health in Uncertain Times.” If you would like to schedule a full webinar on this or another topic for your company or organization, please complete a Book A Speaker form.