When Lucas was in high school, he’d tell you he had a perfect life. He was known for his no-stress, go-with-the-flow attitude, and an unshakeable confidence in his ability to achieve anything he put his mind to. No one would have ever thought he’d struggle with depression, including Lucas himself.

In his junior year, he began to experience the early stages of depression. He was confused why his outside life didn’t match his inside feelings. He didn’t feel justified in feeling depressed because his outside circumstances were all great.

Because he didn’t know depression was an illness that could affect anyone, Lucas hid his silent battle through high school and into college. He thought graduation, an internship, a job, would bring relief or happiness. He received a dream internship in New Mexico and thought it would be a turning point for positive change. Instead, isolated from his friends, family, and support, his depression became much worse.

During his last semester at college, his depression became so severe he lost the ability to eat. He reached out to his family, and they helped him find a doctor to start the recovery process. As he learned about his depression and saw the progress he made in recovery, he came to wish that he had known the truth about it back when the feelings started.

Inspired to help other teens having the same experience, Lucas chose to go and share his story with his high school in order to raise awareness and normalize the conversation. Now, Lucas speaks out about his battle with depression to let others know there is always hope, and that there is a wonderful life on the other side of depression.

Lucas is based in Princeton, NJ. Speaking engagements beyond 120 miles may require a fee for travel expenses.


Read what organizations have to say about Lucas:

“Lucas was absolutely fabulous. You could hear a pin drop in our gym as he held our students attention the whole time. His story was relatable for our student population and message was heard loud and clear.”  Point Pleasant Beach High School (NJ)

“Lucas’s message was very well received by our students. Some students told us that listening to him provided them with hope that they can get the help they need. Other students were appreciative of knowing about depression because they’re aware that other classmates have experienced it. One student suggested that we bring Lucas back again next year. All students who commented stated that hearing his personal story was very helpful.” Bryn Athyn Church School (PA)

“We were very fortunate to have Lucas visit Schor School yesterday and share his story with our students.  He is a wonderful young man and his presentation is both personal and powerful and quite inspirational!  We thank Lucas and Minding Your Mind for educating our community regarding mental health.” Theodore Schor Middle School (NJ)