As a child, Kristen experienced significant trauma, including her mother attempting and completing suicide.

When she reached her preteen years, Kristen didn’t know how to manage what she was feeling and turned to alcohol, drugs, and self-harm to mask the pain that she so desperately wanted to keep locked away. The alternative was facing the issues related to her childhood trauma and she did not know how to do that. As a result of this she suffered with debilitating depression and anxiety that affected her in her everyday life. She continued these negative coping skills, including negative self-talk, which drove her down to a very dark place. Quickly, she arrived to a bottom she thought she would never leave.

After going to treatment, where she learned how to replace her negative coping skills with positive ones, she worked hard to incorporate those habits into her life. Kristen attended a recovery high school to finish her education and went on to college. She has many therapy experiences that have proven to be wildly successful, and attends support groups regularly to maintain her ongoing sobriety and abstinence from negative coping skills. Kristen, being a young person in recovery, proves it’s never too late or too early to get the help you need. She has spoken on panels and at board meetings to help educate others in an effective manner break the stigma around mental health and substance use disorder.

Kristen is based in Philadelphia, PA. Speaking engagements beyond 120 miles may require a fee for travel expenses.


Read what organizations have to say about Kristen:

“Kristen was so passionate and professional. Many of our students provided feedback that the emotion that she put into her presentation made it very powerful.”  Stanley K. Landis Building (PA)

“Kristen was excellent! She hit it right on the nose with the message in her presentation and the emotion and passion that you could feel while she spoke, made it even better.”  Visitation BVM School (PA)

“Kristen has an amazing delivery that conveys her passion for helping others understand the struggles of kids with mental illness and substance misuse. She gives loved ones hope that it is possible to have a productive and meaningful life. One day at a time.” Upper Moreland HS (PA)

“Kristen was *phenomenal!* She arrived early, was professional and was a skilled and engaging speaker. You could hear a pin drop in the room while she was speaking and could feel every person in the room attuned to her story and message. The fact that she is still a young person delivering this presentation adds to the power of her message. Our presentation was for educators and mental health professionals but we loved her so much we want to bring her to our high school to speak directly to our students. I can’t recommend Kristen enough!” Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 (PA)