Brandon R. Everett, RN, BSN, CMT

Brandon was first introduced to mindfulness while working as a Registered Nurse in a bustling inner city Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. The practice proved so transformative and healing that he resolved to do whatever training was necessary to offer the practice to others in a thorough and authentic way. In 2017 he graduated from a rigorous two-year, 900-hr Meditation Teacher Training. Since graduating Brandon has shared mindfulness broadly— from grade schools to graduate programs, and in hospitals, universities, workplaces, and community settings throughout PA, NJ, and NY. He takes tremendous joy in adapting his presentations and instruction to meet the particular needs and interests of the varied populations he teaches. His instruction emphasizes the practical application of mindfulness to daily and working life. In 2020 he will be launching the Living Wisdom Podcast, intended to make quality mindfulness instruction and practice more widely available.