“My Perfect Life” Book & Pacing Guide

My Perfect Life Book & Pacing Guide


This independent program facilitates discussions regarding depression, anxiety, self-discovery, and overall health—both physical and mental— through the honest sharing of Lucas Wolfe’s journey in his book, My Perfect Life. The program is designed for use with high school students in a teacher- or counselor-led environment.

Included in the program is a PDF/electronic copy of the My Perfect Life book and a detailed pacing guide. 

About My Perfect Life

Lucas Wolfe lived a perfect life. He came from a loving home with strong family ties, had close friends, and earned good grades, yet he wanted to die. Believing he had no right to be depressed, he hid the signs of his inner turmoil for years until the illness broke him during his final semester at Penn State. Unable to eat, unable to sleep, he knew the harrowing choice that lay before him.

My Perfect Life tells the inspirational story of Wolfe’s years-long battle against an invisible illness and reveals the steps he took to find peace, hope, and purpose after wanting to end his life. Through his goofy, relatable, and emotionally gripping stories, you’ll experience the world through his eyes as he battled suicidal depression. His story eviscerates the myth that those who lead good lives don’t struggle with their mental health while offering an abundance of hope and healing to all battling mental illness.


  • Students will learn to recognize some of the signs and symptoms of
    depression and anxiety and possible paths to treatment and recovery.
  • Students will have increased comfort to ask for help and speak openly and honestly about how they are feeling or what they may be experiencing to people in their lives, especially adults.
  • Instills the message of hope and life as a journey.

Check out a sample page from the Pacing Guide:

Fee: $0.99 per student for single-use or $2,500 for a three-year unlimited use license.


PLEASE NOTE: this program is not administered by Minding Your Mind.  Questions about the program will be directed to the author, Lucas Wolfe. Fee and payments are made directly to Lucas Wolfe.

Designed For:

High school students.

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