Mindsets: Your Well-Being at Work

Elevating mental health at work

To create a culture of individual and collective well-being so that all may be happier, more successful, and more fulfilled at work.

Designed for adult audiences in a workplace setting, this program encourages individuals, teams, and leaders to be intentional about their approach to emotional wellness. Stigma, prolonged stress, disengagement, and worries can have a negative impact on employee morale, performance, and teamwork.

A Gallup poll found one in every four U.S. workers rate their mental health as fair or poor resulting in unplanned missed workdays. The impact of emotional health has a direct connection to a company’s productivity and outcomes, costing $47.6 billion in unplanned absences from work each year. (Agrawal, B. D. W. a. S. (2022, December 13). The economic cost of poor employee mental health. Gallup.com.)

Mindsets:Your Well-Being at Work provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of employee well-being and demonstrate a commitment to effective and impactful programming.  

This interactive program will help participants explore how elements of workplace culture can contribute to stigma and poor mental health, the connection between morale and the bottom line, and what each team member can do to create supportive connections, enhance emotional intelligence, and further cultivate an environment of compassion and curiosity. Attendees will leave with practical and flexible tools for promoting positive mental health that they can implement immediately. 

Takeaways from the program include: 

  • An honest framework to understand the impact of stigma within workplace culture
  • The factors impacting stress and mental health
  • How to encourage compassionate and curious communication and feedback to create a culture of trust, emotional safety, resilience, and belonging that supports well-being for individuals and teams.
  • Practical tools and strategies on how to be an emotionally intelligent leader and team member.

This engaging 90 minute program can be delivered in-person or virtually and can be adjusted to meet participant needs. . 

A note for managers and leaders: Recognizing the unique role of policy makers, leaders, and managers, this program can be adjusted to focus on supporting mental health from a systemic perspective. 

Cost for Mindsets Program:  $3,000

This program can be provided virtually or in person. In-person engagements 90 miles outside of the greater Philadelphia or Greater Boston region will include additional travel expenses. 

Designed For:

Adults connected to a corporation, non-profit, workplace, or volunteer organization.
Employees, Contractors, Volunteers, Managers, Leaders.

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“Jordan was outstanding! The immediate standing ovation says it all! He was able to openly speak on a topic that many see as taboo. We often forget that depression and suicide can impact anyone at any time and any place.”

— Janet McBride-Roy, Case Management Supervisor


Mental health is a continuum and employees who are struggling cannot leave those challenges at the door without subsequent impact on their performance. In an average week in the U.S five million people miss work due to stress and an estimated four million work days are lost due to depression. Stigmatizing attitudes about mental health and their role in the workplace often lead to poor performance, absence, difficulty with retention, and staff feeling disconnected from their work and colleagues. This can be interrupted and shifted through intentional focus on mental health and well-being.  By prioritizing mental wellness, employers often see improvements in: productivity, attendance, employee health, reduced health care costs, ability to attract and retain talent, morale, relationships among co-workers, and reduced stress levels. As leaders in ending stigma and creating compassionate environments, Minding Your Mind supports your workplace with foundational mental health programming.

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