Supporting the Well-Being of LGBTQIA+ Youth for Educators

Building resilience through inclusion.



This flexible program is specifically designed for educators, administrators, and school personnel. Across the country, LGBTQIA+ students consistently experience higher rates of mental health challenges and rates of suicide than their peers, but this can be interrupted with the help of supportive adults and improved school climates. 

Participants will be empowered to consider and use their unique role to support LGBTQIA+ students in the classroom and throughout the school building. Through education, reflection, and skill development, participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the impact of LGBTQIA+ youth mental health on school connectedness and access to learning. This workshop emphasizes best practices for promoting well-being, particularly for students at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities. Participants will leave with actionable strategies and resources. 

Program participants will: 

  • Build confidence to support LGBTQIA+ youth particularly around mental health needs
  • Understand the factors impacting mental health for LGBTQIA+ youth
  • Develop skills and learn best practices for promoting the well-being of LGBTQIA+ youth, families, educators, and community members. 

This interactive 60-90 minute program is most effective when delivered in-person in an informal setting, such as a library or where participants can move around the room and engage in discussion. However, the program is thoughtfully adjusted for alternate seating styles, participant needs, and for virtual delivery. 


LGBTQIA+ youth experience mental health challenges, suicide ideation, and suicide attempts at higher rates than their peers who identify as heterosexual and cisgender. This is not because of their sexual orientation or gender expression, but due to responses of those within their community and beyond. By exploring five key areas of support, any adult can learn the skills to create an emotionally safe and inclusive climate. The 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey reported that across the board youth are struggling: 1 in 5 seriously considered suicide and 1 in 10 attempted suicide. This figure dramatically increases for youth who identify as LGBTQIA+ with a staggering 1 in 2 youth (nearly 50%) who seriously consider suicide. This program aims to intervene and reduce youth distress and provide life-saving intervention.

Program Fee:  $500
In-person programs outside of primary service areas may require additional fees for travel.

Designed For:

Educators, administrators, school personnel, and conference attendees. 
Any adult who wants to support a safe environment for LGBTQIA+ youth.

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“Jon hit on a number of important topics, and gave our staff some much needed ‘permission’ to take care of themselves as they begin the new school year. His message was great and it was wonderful to have his excitement and positive energy back in our building again. It was a nice way to conclude the first day for our entire district staff. “

— Mark Awdycki, Principal

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