Let’s Talk About the “A” Word (Anxiety)

Let’s Talk About the “A” Word

BC – before Covid – anxiety was the #1 most diagnosed mental health disorder in the USA, and rates have skyrocketed during the pandemic. Over 40 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. 25% of all adolescents ages 13 to 18 have a diagnosed anxiety disorder while many more suffer without proper diagnosis, treatment, and opportunities to develop healthy coping skills. 

Anxiety is more than stress and can look different depending on a youth’s age and developmental stage. Severe and uncontrolled anxiety can prevent youth from taking in new information and learning to their fullest potential, trying new experiences, or engaging in social activities. Luckily, anxiety is a treatable disorder and implementing new strategies can have a dramatically positive impact. This workshop provides the language and direction caring adults need to assist anxious youth. Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of: 

  • The different types of anxiety
  • The signs and symptoms most common in youth
  • The differences between stress, worries, and anxiety
  • The impact of social media on anxiety
  • The factors contributing to our own and others’ experience of anxiety
  • How to help youth develop coping skills to manage anxiety
  • Techniques to support themselves and/or anxious youth

Delivered virtually or in-person, during this one-hour program participants will learn how powerful anxiety can be when not addressed and the techniques and strategies that support youth to live more harmoniously with the discomfort of anxiety-related challenges and conditions. Finally, this program will be welcoming, engaging, and will not make participants more anxious! When appropriate, a program may also include a Young Adult Speaker from the  Changing Minds: Stories Over Stigma program.

Intended Audiences
This program is specifically designed for:

  • Parent and caregiver groups
  • School personnel and counseling professionals
  • Community groups
  • Corporations and staff
  • Conference participants

Additional Workshop Topics
This program can be geared toward supporting adults struggling with anxiety symptoms and diagnoses. 


Designed For:

Adults living and working with children and youth of all ages.

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“Jon is a thoroughly engaging speaker whose humor coupled with real-life clinical examples make for an informative and enjoyable presentation.”  

— Worcester Public Schools
Worcester, MA

Developed & presented by Jon Mattleman, MS

There is a $500 fee for each workshop. In-person programs outside of the Greater Boston area may incur travel costs.

What Audiences are Saying


“Jon Mattleman presented to our parents and my staff.  He was incredibly well received as he combined much needed knowledge with a sense of humor.  He is incredibly down to earth and just “oozed” compassion and understanding.  So well organized with a clear message.” – Pierce Middle School, Milton, MA


“I thought Jon gave a fantastic presentation. He was professional, knowledgeable and incredibly engaging. Given the time of day and year, he was able to keep a group of teenagers/young adults engaged and learning for the entirety of his presentation, not an easy feat. Thank you again, Jon!” – West Suburban YMCA, Newton, MA

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