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Supporting student mental health is more important than ever.

We created this toolkit to help students learn about the most common mental health conditions and challenges, helpful and harmful coping skills, identifying protective factors and sources of support, and how to shift thinking to a positive and supportive mindset.

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Videos, Activities, and Handouts To Assist You in Your Virtual Classrooms

Minding Your Mind is committed to providing your students with mental health education that is engaging, informative, and timely. Our platform is designed specifically for educators and school personnel, with tools to support student education and engagement around mental health.

What's Inside the Toolkit?

Young Adult Speaker Panel

This 45-minute video features three of our trained young adult speakers and a licensed Minding Your Mind clinician discussing coping skills and how students can support their mental health during COVID-19 and beyond.

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Knowing the signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression is the foundation of mental health education. This unit includes 1-page handouts for students, short videos, and activities.

Coping Skills and Building Resilience

It is important that students learn how to manage their feelings with positive coping skills when experiencing life’s difficulties. This section educates students about coping skills, helps them to identify their preferred personal coping skills, and how to build resilience through the identification of protective factors.

How Thoughts Influence Well-being

It is important that students learn they can change their thoughts and actions. This section introduces students to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and related exercises to challenge and reframe our negative and harmful thoughts.