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“Log kya kahenge?”. Translation: What will people say? It is unfortunate what a common phrase this is in Hindi and the number of times I’ve heard it is probably equivalent to India’s entire population. Those three words have reverberated in my mind every time I’ve done something as quotidian as dressing myself in the morning or making conversation with peers. It was those three words that served as an explanation for why my neighbors would eye me disapprovingly if I ever wore a slightly low-cut top. I had been a member of Indian society long enough to know that the design of your shirt was directly correlated to your character. And God forbid I was seen speaking platonically to a boy at the mall. It was almost guaranteed that the next round of community gossip would include my parents’ presumed negligence and their role in raising such a salacious daughter. And, just to get really wild with it, if I was seen speaking platonically to a boy at the mall WEARING a slightly low-cut top? We might have to move. Yes, my tone is satirical. But that’s because the amount of weight that Indians place on the opinions of others when making decisions about their own lives is so ludicrous, it’s almost comical.


Minding Your Mind Podcast: Episode 3

Teaching During a Pandemic: an interview with Jill Gleeson around her experience teaching during COVID-19 and what she’s learned from her students.


Minding Your Mind Podcast: Episode 2

Graduating During a Pandemic: an interview with RJ, a graduating high school student, around graduating during a pandemic and his experience during quarantine.


Minding Your Mind Podcast: Episode 1

A (Re)Introduction of Minding Your Mind is an interview with all of our regional directors—Michelle in New England, Guy in New Jersey, and Marissa in Pennsylvania—explaining Minding Your Mind and the work that we do.


Dear Class of 2020…

In the weeks or months or maybe even years leading up to this spring, we each imagined what this moment, the culmination of so many moments before it, would look like. In some of our imaginings, Commencement was a champagne toast and graduation cap toss as we fell into the arms of our fellow graduates. In others, Commencement was the pride of our families watching us climb steps we thought would never end onto stages upon which we thought we would never stand. In yet others, Commencement was a promise fulfilled, a finish line crossed, a breath exhaled.


COVID Cancellations

Did you have events that were important to you that had to be postponed or cancelled as a result of the restrictions put in place due to COVID-19? You are not alone. Hear from some of our Young Adult Speakers as they share their experiences of disappointment and loss, and how they are working their way through it.


Managing Stress COVID 19

Does your life during COVID-19 have you experiencing stress or other feelings that are difficult to manage? You are not alone. Hear from some of our Young Adult Speakers and then do a mindfulness exercise with Brandon Everett.


Minding Your Mind: A (Re)Introduction

Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves! Minding Your Mind is a mental health education nonprofit whose mission is to remove stigma, encourage individuals to seek help when they need it, and to start important conversations through education. It is no surprise that this year we scheduled more than 1,600 presentations for schools, communities, and corporations across the nation. Our offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are working hard to meet the ever-growing demand for mental health education. 


Coping Through COVID

Our latest On Our Minds video is out! It’s called “Coping Through Covid.” Because our Young Adult Speakers have learned ways to process stress and distress by living through a mental health crisis, they have a unique perspective on managing difficult thoughts and feelings that arise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here they share their experiences and knowledge with the hope of helping others.

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