Vulnerability of Art

Vulnerability of Art

"Stop Telling Me to Smile"

(Watercolor, ink, gold leaf, epoxy resin)

"Hung Out to Dry"

(Watercolor + Digital Media)



"Treading Water"

(Watercolor, ink, gold leaf, epoxy resin)

As a former social care worker and an individual with OCD and anxiety, I paint a bilateral picture of mental health through my art. I am a firm believer in the positive, psychological healing power of art, both for the artist as an outlet and for the audience as a vehicle to process and reflect. I am inspired by life around me, both the deep and dark and the light and effervescent. Mental health has impacted everyone in some form or another, particularly at this time considering the events of 2020. I believe that now more than ever do we need the positivity of art to navigate this new climate and reconnect with ourselves and with one another through the shared vulnerability of art.
Molly Delaney

About the Artist

I am a 29 year old, self-taught, Irish, visual artist, currently residing between the small town of Badajoz, Spain and the metropolis of Dallas, Texas.  I have worked in the area of mental health for over a decade, but now share my fascination with the mind, the unusual, and the whimsical through art. I firmly believe that art is a lifelong, limitless, learning opportunity and a medium for self-exploration and communication. I am inspired by the people, words, and textures of life around me and hope to share this excitement with you through my art.

I #livetotell my personal journey through OCD and anxiety and the positive, healing power of art. Through my art I want to start a dialogue of mental health awareness and the destigmatisation of sharing our perceived vulnerabilities.

My website is which has my online store, gallery, artist profile etc. My Instagram is @mdmart_studio


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