The Floating Man

The Floating Man

"The Floating Man"

(Mixed Media)

To depict a man weighted by insults, insecurity, doubt, and the hate against him.... he was slowly sinking to a dark place. At the bottom of the painting you see a busy crosswalk with faceless souls walking, talking, carrying on with whatever is going on in their world, not seeing the man drift to the bottom. Then you realize that these people all exist in the same world with the same weight. A true blessing of what we call an awakening when we realize we are not alone with these mental health challenges we all have.... that although we may suffer from anxiety or depression from the way people have or are treating us... that we are still valuable... we are still good... we are still very much worth something, and that is the beginning of knowing one's worth... to take the next step in growth so that we can one day live happy again.
Eron Knox

About the Artist

Eron Knox is a self-taught artist based in Atlanta. Like many of us, Eron didn’t have a fairy tale life growing up, suffering traumas as a result. Eron has not only sought mental wellness with the help of professionals and support groups, but also uses art to speak in ways he feels he can’t with words. 

“I #LivetoTell because I want to make art that touches us so deeply that we feel it’s telling our story, or better yet, represents a piece of us.” -Eron Knox

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