A Letter to a Younger Me

A Letter to a Younger Me

"A Letter to a Younger Me"

To the girl that filled pages of journals

With stories of heartbreak and self-harm

I love you

You were always worthy of love

And of honesty.

I’m sorry we couldn’t figure this out sooner.

I’m sorry I couldn’t love you sooner.

I’m sorry you cried, felt pain and entered

An awful depression.

I’m sorry you tried to end your life.


But, I’m glad you didn’t

I’m glad you’re here today

I love you so deeply

You are special

You are worthy

I wrote this poem after I found my childhood journal about a year ago. At this point in my life, I had been going to therapy, working on my traumas and felt generally okay. I found this journal and began reading back at the things I used to say to myself. And started reliving all my past experiences. I began to cry uncontrollably because I just felt so bad for this little scared girl who had to go through all this. I just wanted my inner child to know that it was okay, that we ended up in a good place.
Kelly Carrion

About the Author

I’m proudly Latina and grew up in the NYC/NJ area! I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety and have grown comfortable with talking openly about it. Mental health had always been a taboo in my family, and then making me feel ashamed of my brain. But, the more I talk about it and share my story, the stronger I feel.

I #LiveToTell my story in hopes that it inspires people around me to keep moving forward and to know that human resilience is beautiful.

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