Michael Zuckerman

Michael Zuckerman is the president of Zuckerman Honickman Inc (ZH), a privately held packaging company founded in the early 1900s, which provides beverage clients with turnkey solutions for their procurement and packaging needs. ZH is the largest supplier of cans, plastic and glass bottles to the beverage industry in North America, and provides its customers with high-quality, low cost, customized, packaging solutions. With sustainability always in mind, ZH has recently been focused on alternative packaging solutions, which has led the company to partner with some of the leaders in the biodegradable space. Under Michael’s leadership, ZH has continued to strengthen its reputation for excellence, best-of-breed customer service, superior buying power, and industry knowledge. ZH enables beverage brands to capitalize on economies of scale associated with their can, glass, and plastic purchases. Michael’s passion for the beverage industry has been an integral part in the company’s tireless focus on beverage product development. ZH has been instrumental in helping many regional companies grow into national brand names, including: Snapple, Honest Tea, Glaceau, Fuze Bai Brands, Body Armor, Spindrift, and many more.