Alona Leviner-Sommer, MA, MS, LMFT


Alona is a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family psychotherapist. She holds a master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University in marriage and family therapy and a master’s degree from San Francisco State University in broadcasting and communication.

Originally from Israel, Alona brings a rich and culturally diverse experience that impacts the work she is doing at Minding your Mind. Although her work includes individuals and families, she has focused mainly on working with groups in a variety of settings. She leads court-mandated psychoeducational classes for high conflict co-parents focusing on skills to deal with anxiety issues, anger management, and conflict resolution. These classes are designed to highlight the need for a child-focused approach to family dynamics.

Alona’s speaking engagements have included groups of military personnel, family court lawyers and judges, members of executive business teams, parents and co-parents, and teens. In addition to her work with families and groups, Alona has designed and developed a system of associative, interactive cards that are used by therapists as a therapeutic tool both in group and individual settings. She has also collaborated on developing workshops for schools’ educational staff.

Alona’s passion in all her undertakings is the focus on children’s and teens’ well-being. Her clinical and psychoeducational approach is based on effective, non-judgmental, positive reinforcement and strength-based modalities.

Alona Leviner-Sommer is based in South Florida. In-person speaking engagements beyond 90 miles may require a fee for travel expenses.

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