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All programs listed below can be delivered in a webinar format.

If possible, please provide two alternative presentation dates in case your initial presentation date is unavailable.
e.g. Montgomery County

Program Cost


Perfect for adult audiences, Just Talk About It is an introductory mental health education program hosted by a clinician that features a young adult speaker.

  • we recommend a minimum of one hour for this program, 90 minutes is ideal
  • this program is presented by a MYM clinician and a Young Adult Speaker
  • designed for adults; if students attend we recommend ages middle school and above

Our professional young adult speakers provide educational programs built around lived experiences.

  • we recommend one hour for this program

Minding Your Mind is committed to providing our educational programs free of charge in our primary service area. Due to the ongoing surge in requests for our programs and our steadfast effort to fulfill our mission, we ask that you consider making a donation, especially when requesting several presentations on multiple dates. All donated funds will be used to help defray the cost of the program. Any support is greatly appreciated.

Program Cost


A National Registry of Evidence-based Practices and Policies (NREPP)-qualified suicide prevention training that teaches adults to specifically identify and take action when encountering someone in crisis.

  • we recommend a minimum of 90 minutes for this program
  • this program is presented by a MYM clinician
  • there is an option to include a Young Adult Speaker as part of the presentation, but requires additional time allotted (two hours)
  • for adults only

Program Cost

Classroom - $100 per class

Professional Development/Conference - $500 per session

Our mindfulness training can be brought to a school or workplace to create an environment that promotes productivity, reduces stress and anxiety, and teaches the value of focus and resilience.  

  • we recommend one hour for this program

Program Cost

Classroom - $100 per class

This interactive presentation creates awareness about mental wellness and emotional impact of behaviors by teaching children how to identify their emotions, engage in kind acts, and build empathy.

  • we recommend a minimum of 45 minutes for this program

Engagements 90 miles outside of the greater Philadelphia region will include additional travel expenses.

Program Cost

Cost for Corporate Education Program: $1,500

Engagements 90 miles outside of the greater Philadelphia region will include additional travel expenses.

Audience - Young Adult Speaker Program
Audience - Just Talk About It
Audience - Q.P.R.
Audience - Mindfulness
Audience - Kind Minds
Thanks to the generous support of our donors, funds are available for organizations that require financial assistance to host this program. Would you like to apply for consideration?
Please provide the following information in the box above: brief description of the demographics of the attendees include age and the number of participants; brief description of the school environment/climate; procedures for parking and accessing the building.
Suggested topics as well as sensitive topics to address or avoid.

Meet our New England speakers for “Just Talk About It”


Elizabeth thought her purpose in live was to be perfect, even when underneath that appearance she felt pain. These unrealistic expectations led her to destructive behaviors and suicide ideation. Today, through therapy, grounding techniques, yoga, and her loving family, she brings balance to her life and recovery.


Hiding his anxiety and depression behind a mask of “the kid who has it all,” Jordan turned to drinking to cope and eventually attempted to take his life. Today, Jordan is a messenger of hope who teaches that although we can’t choose the things that happen to us, we CAN choose how we cope with them.


Joey’s ethnic and sexual identity led him to fear disapproval from his family and everyone in his life. This internal struggle led to depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, anxiety, and panic-attacks. Through therapy, Joey found recovery and happiness with himself and his life.


The trauma she experienced at a young age led Jenna to develop anxiety, which she coped with through perfectionism without ever seeing her own self-worth. Committed to treatment and ongoing therapy, she not only survived but now thrives.


Growing up always having to present a happy face, yet living with self-doubt, guilt, and an intense fear of abandonment, Brooke coped by self-harming and substance misuse. After receiving multiple mental health diagnoses, included anxiety, bipolar, and body dysmorphia disorder, Brooke’s recovery led to self-love, consistency, and knowing she is always worthwhile.


As a student-athlete experiencing depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation, Andrew was able to find recovery through psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and positive coping skills.

Clinicians & Program Facilitators

Jon Mattleman, MS Counseling
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