Emma Roderick, LICSW

When Emma was in middle school, she promised herself that no matter how old she got, she would never forget what it felt like to be a teenager. Now she gets to live her dream: as the Site Coordinator for River Valley Counseling Center’s School-Based Therapy program in Chicopee, MA, Emma listens to teens (and those who love them) all day long, and supports other clinicians to do the same. 
Prior to obtaining her MSW, Emma worked in the non-profit sector as a social justice organizer. She enjoys combining her clinical expertise with her social justice values, and has led workshops on emotional well-being and healing in social justice movements. She strongly believes that parents and teachers deserve support to do these jobs well, and is glad to be part of that support. 
Emma resides in Western MA and presents to parents, teachers, school personnel, and community members in the area.